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My 27 previous years in the medical field and being a Registered Nurse and my service in the Navy has provide me now with the opportunity to do what I am doing now. Family and friends thought I was crazy to give up Nursing, and taking a sixty percent pay cut. My thoughts  were how could I not? What other trade incorporates plumming, electrical, fabrication and working with sheet metal, welding(brasing) and working with gas?  Things I enjoy to do. 

With me being such a late bloomer in the field, I may lack the physical experience other canidates you maybe considering have at this time.  However, what I do bring is a hard driver.  Someone who is 100 percent reliable, and proudly state I am being quite literal when saying this in that over 10 years never missed a single day of work.   I bring to you a person who is also 100 percent commited to you and your company, the field, in doing things righ the first timet, customer service, with an eagerness and drive to learn anything and everything.  I bing a person who welcomes 18hr days, taking calls at night, holidays, weekends.  A person who is punctual.  If you tell me 7am, I will be there at 645.  I bring the attention to detail which has been ingrained in me over the years.  I bring 3 degrees, as well as a certification from a trade school for Sugrical Tech.  My coninued education with a degre from College of the Desert in the making, keeps me curent with new technology and industry standards.  The only reason I point out the multiple degreeis it shows the ability to learn and of commitment, finishing that is what I start.. 

Lastely, and most importantly I bring to you my own personal drive for my own success.  I did not take this career path for mediumocarcy.  I did not give up 3 week paid vacations, medical and dental, to skim by. My plans are to take this desert by storm.  My plans are to secure my own contractors license starting my own company.   If given this opportunity we will both grow and benefit from the years iam with you . 

Work experience

HVAC apprentice

Aldco Heating and Air



College of the Desert
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