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Work experience

Dec 2014Present

Senior Software Develoepr

ESC Lab Sciences

As a senior developer, my responsibilities including being the lead person in directing the design, development, and implementation of all projects that I worked on. The most recent development was building services that automated specific processes outside of the LIMS. All development was performed using Visual Studio 2010, specifically C#, and accessing data in SQL Server 2008 and Oracle 10G Databases respectively. I worked remotely, from home, which required the use of VPN Software, all code was backed-up using SourceSafe, and I also used standard software such as MS Office, Adobe, etc. in order to accomplish my duties.

Feb 2014Nov 2014

Lift Truck Operator

Ryder Logistics, Inc. - Vonore, TN

I was required to accurately transfer product, both physically and logically, into and/or out of warehouse locations, load/unload trailers, move product throughout the facility with powered industrial equipment and perform inventory counts as required.

Jun 2003May 2010

Vice President of Information Technology

GPL Laboratories - Frederick, MD

Managed a staff of 5 employees and oversaw daily operations of 3 offices in various states.  As Manager of the IT Department, I had to ensure that all projects and goals were achieved on time.

Maintained enterprise-based RDBMS for each office location, which included one SQL Server 2000 and two Oracle 8i Databases running daily at peak performance.  My job was to provide complete design, development, testing, and implementation of custom designed applications and provide database solutions.  I provided complete systems analysis and incorporated thorough and flexible disaster and backup & recovery plans.  Maintenance of the databases required excellent proficiency in Structured Query Language (DDL/DCL/DML/TCL Statements), indexing, replication, referential integrity, primary keys, transaction processing, storage & recovery, and rigid security policies being implemented.

My position, as Lead Application Developer, required managing all project development.  Any new development, as well as support for legacy applications, was achieved through utilization of Delphi, C#, Visual Basic (Ver.6.0 & .NET), C++, as well as other IDE’s.

Development of new applications and reports to accommodate the dynamic needs of individual clients.  One application by itself generated as many as 200 individual reports, concatenated them, provided full pagination, and then saved the document as an Adobe PDF.  Additionally, I have written numerous applications that interfaced through RS-232 Ports, and automated all Electronic Data Deliverables.

I configured, and maintained, numerous Windows 2000/2003 servers as well as over 150 user accounts, including the setting of user rights/privileges, enabling security, and managing public, as well as private, shares.  The servers’ ranged in use from primary & backup domain controllers to print, file, FTP, HTTP, and mail servers, in addition to the companies WebLab Client Access Server.

I was responsible for representing the company in all audits that were conducted by many federal government agencies (USEPA, DOE, DOD, ACOE, etc.) as well as individual states.

Sep 1996Jun 2003


ADAM Software, Inc. - Maryville, TN

As an independent consultant, I provided clients with robust solutions to some of their most complex problems by writing custom applications along with a multitude of database design & development services.  The assistance that I provided included, but was not limited to, the following:

Working for GPL Laboratories (3-Year Contract) I wrote various applications in Delphi & C#.  Database support and modifications were also a major part of my responsibilities.
Working for Shealy Environmental Laboratories (1-Year Contract), I designed and wrote a complete batching system for the creation of preparation and analytical batches in their LIMS.

Working for EarthSoft, Inc. (1-Year Contract), I wrote the Data Qualification Module (DQM) which was later incorporated into their EQuIS Enterprise Suite of Products and was later involved in the initial design of their Electronic Data Processor (EDP).
I wrote numerous applications that automated the generation of standard forms/reports that are required by federal agencies such as the USEPA, DOE, DOD, Fish & Wildlife Services, etc..

I wrote a practice management, medical billing, and electronic records keeping application for a physician’s office that handled all of the appointment scheduling, procedures performed, invoicing, and generated all of the Medicare/Medicaid forms required by the state of Illinois.

I wrote a lumber inventory application for the Burruss Company, which at the time, was the second largest manufacturer of hardwood floors in the United States.  The application increased productivity and completely automated their inventory process within 11 operating facilities.

Jun 1991Sep 1996

Computer Programmer

Quanterra Environmental Services - Knoxville, TN

I was responsible for writing routines which uploaded instrumental data into network servers in order to reduce manual entry errors and thus reducing time required. I also constructed databases that queried servers, manipulated the data, and then generated summary reports for management decisions. I built applications that would validate the integrity of data contained within instrument-generated files. In addition, my responsibilities included testing, debugging, documenting, installation, and training of all personnel on how to use the applications which were implemented.


Aug 1987May 1991

Bachelor of Science

Indiana University

Chemistry and Computer Science