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I am a passionate semiotician and I take it upon myself to research the stories we tell about ourselves and brands. I care about producing quantifiable results in the form of conversion rates and organic user engagement. Looking to gain experience in digital marketing, business development/creative strategy, content creation, and brand development.

Work experience

Apr 2014Present


100 Acre Wood

100 Acre Wood is a new type of creative agency. We help businesses big and small break free from the pack and take their own path. We’re consumers of culture, and work with businesses to develop progressive methods to build brand and distinction through thoughtful collaboration with the industry’s top creative minds.

Generated tweets and sourced“ on-brand” content for the client: Vara Kinesiology Tape. Wrote copy for client projects, internal documents, press releases, and proposals. Developed cross-platform social media strategies to boost audience engagement.

Nov 2014Present


Sad Girls Guide 

Pitched and wrote articles that fell in step with the ethos of the publication. Promoted posts on personal social media. Armed with a militia of pop culture references and blunt advice, Sad Girls Guide has quickly become the internet’s big sister, more experienced best friend, and overall source for young women to gain their footing while navigating through all the obstacles growing up throws in their direction. Through its various forms of content, SGG inspires its readers to reach the unreachable while embracing womanhood and sometimes taking a step back to realize that not everything is #thatserious. Sad Girls Guide takes pride in knowing that it helps its readers become more confident in their choices and feelings, as well as sparking an inner flame to become stronger, more independent people.

Jan 2014Present


I work with my editing partner to create and seek content for our flourishing beauty blog, aimed at a niche market within the online beauty writing industry. We identified a lack of frank voices in beauty journalism and decided to launch a blog that focuses on the personal and social contexts of makeup. 

Jan 2014Present


Various Publications

I pitch and write pieces with a creative nonfiction bent, with a focus on what they can provide to the readership of a publication in terms of tangible advice. 


Sep 2011Apr 2015

B.A. Media, Information, and Technoculture. 

University of  Western Ontario Faculty of Information and Media Studies

I am in my fourth year of study and in Media, Information and Technoculture (MIT) at The University of Western Ontario. My background in critical theory allows me to approach, analyze, and create branding strategies in a well-rounded manner that generates tangible results in terms of clicks and revenue. I am an experienced cultural researcher with strong interpretive and writing abilities. 

Aug 2013Dec 2013

Communications - Journalism Specialization

Nanyang Technological Institute 

I'm incredibly adaptable - a trick I picked up in Singapore when I studied Media and Communications Theory for four months at NTU. I learned how to adapt media cross-culturally, as well as the social relationships it takes to make that possible. 



Strong level of oral and written communication; have an editorial background.

Social Media

    Active on and use Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram extensively; lots of experience with Pinterest, Hootsuite. Have used Vine.


    Own DSLR camera and have a basic knowledge of photography and composition.

    Digital Media

    Years of experience with many CMS platforms, such as Blogger, Tumblr, Tweetdeck,  and Wordpress.