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Kennedy Titus Padiath

Staff Nurse - Sri Rama Multi Specialty Hospital


A dedicated professional, benefiting from 8 years of experience working effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary team in India in different systems and administrations. Resourceful, responsive to change whilst achieving collective objectives in the caring and development of patients. Possessing a developed patient centered philosophy of care through innovative caring skills together with practical clinical skills. Record of managing busy caseloads, promoting services, increasing personal and professional standards. Now looking forward to a change in career and working as a staff nurse for a company that offers the opportunity for career progression and rewards on merit.  

Work History


Staff Nurse - MICU 

Sri Rama Multi Specialty Hospital - Bangalore 

Provides professional nursing care to patients undergoing surgery. Record patient’s medical information and vital signs. Assessing patient's physiological and psychological status before, during, and after surgery. Functioning as a patient advocate by protecting the patient from incompetent, unethical, or illegal practices during the pre-operative period.

As a circulating nurse: responsible for managing patient care activities in the operating suite. Assisting anesthesia as requested during induction and reversal of anesthesia. Positioning the patient for surgery and performing the surgical skin prep. Conducting and maintaining accurate records of counts and documentation of nursing activities during the procedure. Dispensing supplies and medications to the surgical field. Handling special equipment, specimens, etc.

As a scrub nurse: responsible for the maintenance of sterile field. Setting up the sterile field and attire. Passing the instruments to the surgical team and assisting as needed to enhance the continuity of the procedure, Constant surveillance of the surgical field thus maintaining sterility. Anticipating the needs of the surgeon and asking for items before they are needed. Assist in the cleaning of instruments used and the procedure room to make ready for the next surgical procedure.


Staff Nurse - MICU

Sri Rama Multi Specialty Hospital - Bangalore 

• Admission procedure and recording 
• Observes and records patient vital signs
• Informs the physician for any abnormal assessment to patients
• Renders wound treatment and provides advanced life support
• Assists physicians in performing procedures for each patient’s examination
• Ensures that ventilators, monitors and other types of medical equipment are fully charge, well functioning,    and readily available
• Facilitates diagnostic tests and procedures
• Collaborates with fellow members of the critical care team
• Responds to life-saving situations, using nursing standards and protocols for treatment
• Provides care for pre- and post-operative patients
• Obtains required consent forms
• Prepares and administering intravenous and oral medications and solutions 
• Administers and documents proper medications as ordered
• Creating a welcoming, caring and safe environment for neonates and their families
• Provides education and support to patient families
• Ensures that all nursing observation and nursing procedures are accurately documented
• Maintains the cleanliness of nurse’s station, patient’s bed side and environment
• Facilitates transfer of patients as ordered by the physician
• Facilitates proper and complete endorsement to the incoming nurse


Staff Nurse - AMCU & SICU

Yashoda Hospital - Somajiguda, Hyderabad

• Provides total patient care which includes range of motion, tube feeding, I&O, and cauterization
• Administers nursing care to life threatening illnesses such as Cerebrovascular Accident, Acute Myocardial Infarction, Acute Congestive Heart Failure, Respiratory Failure, and Massive Trauma
• Promotes general health by educating the public on warning signs and symptoms of disease
• Develops nursing care plans, execute them and talk to the family members of the patient
• Promotes health and support patients and families in coping with illnesses
• Provides high-performance in patient’s bedside monitoring
• Operates medical devices such as ECG machine, Glucometer, Ventilator ulse Oximeter and other equipment's
• Obtains required consent forms
• Monitors and organizes hospital supplies, stocks and instruments
• Administers and documents proper medications as ordered
• Prepares and administering intravenous and oral medications and solutions
• Assists doctors in making rounds for each patient’s examination
• Charting nursing observation and performing nursing procedures and bed side care
• Informs the physician for any abnormal assessment to patients
• Maintains the cleanliness of nurse’s station, patient’s bed side and environment
• Ensures all equipments are fully charge, well functioning, and readily available
• Discharges patients as ordered by the physician with full knowledge about their home medications and follow up examinations
• Facilitating proper and complete endorsement to the incoming shift


  • Emergency assessment
  • Theater care nursing
  • Case hold and management 
  • Care management & Administration
  • Cardiac / Resporatory



BSC Nursing (Post Basics)

Rajiv Gandi University Of Health Sciences - Bangalore

Nightingale College Of Nursing - Banglore  


General Nursing (Midwifery/Psychiatric Nursing (60%)

Government of Karnataka Directorate of Medical Examination

SSS School Of Nursing - Bangalore


Live stock Management and Diary Husbandry (59%)

Government Of Kerala - State Board of Vocational Higher Secondary Examination 

Sarvajana Higher Secondary School - Sulthan Bathery