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Reliable, will show up on time for work. 

Determined; tries as hard as possible to accomplish things. 

Willing to learn and accepting of constructive criticism.

Top-notch student, maintaining a 3.5 grade point average.

A member of National Honors Society. 

Willing to help people, also patient with people.

Quick and eager to learn.

Organizational abilities.

Hard working and fast learner. 

Able to pick up on things easily and quickly.

Able to work with people with disabilities. 

Work experience

Concession Stand

Adding quickly and correctly.

Giving the right amount of change.

Ability to talk and listen to people. 

Shadowing Car Sales


Printing letters.

Writing addresses on envelopes.

Office work, putting files away in alphabetical order.

Using a computer correctly.  


Preparing healthy meals for children. 

Working with disabled children. 

Certified by The Red Cross in first aid, CPR, and child care. 

Being able to care for multiple children at once.


New London High School

Working on a high school diploma.

Relevant Courses

  • Art 1, 2, and 3
  • Interactive media
  • Building and managing relationships
  • Healthy and safe foods
  • Spanish 1 and 2