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About Me

My name is Kennedy Ginaitt. I currently am a fifteen year old freshman at Newsome High School. I am very invested in sports and currently spend from 25 to 10 hours a week on sports games and or practices. I am also involved in my school, not only is sports, but in student council, and I enjoy participating and volunteering in some of our school fundraising events. 




Newsome High School



When given a project I look to find a way to where I can address everything wanted of me and how to complete the project in the least complicated and most efficient way I can. 


I enjoy working independently and am efficient on my own. I enjoy relying on myself to solve problems and I take a role in decision making and leading people by example.  


When I am given a project I use my time efficiently and utilize all of my tools in the proper time and manner


I have been taking Spanish for 12 years now and I am able to communicate effectively with people who speak spanish

Work experience

Digital Design


In this class I became certified in Photoshop and I worked on digital design practicing typing, layout, and designing things electronically. Not only did this give me a better understanding for these applications, but for digital editing and layout over a large spectrum.