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I am a computer programming consultant living in Boston, MA.


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Work experience

Nov 2008Dec 2008


Camiva Software

I worked with C#, both in WinForm applications and ASP.NET/SharePoint webpart settings.

  • Built infrastructure for a loan rule engine for a company specializing in car loans
  • Built model/view/controller framework for SharePoint webpart projects
  • Built multiple SharePoint webparts on top of the framework I developed
Jul 2008Dec 2008

Software Development Engineer Intern

Microsoft Office (Groove)

I worked on the Storage & Sync team with C++/COM to help develop a rich client for SharePoint that has peer to peer syncing ability.

  • Wrote code to sync SharePoint lists/document libraries/file attachments with Groove
  • Fixed bugs in the Groove sync stack
  • Modified the Groove internal database (RDB) and internal filesystem (RAF)
  • Reported numerous bugs to the SharePoint team
  • Worked with Office Document Cache and Cobalt to sync binary content to/from SharePoint
  • Worked with SharePoint SOAP requests to communicate with the SharePoint server
  • Worked with Microsoft Sync Framework
2006Jul 2008

Software Development Intern

Fishman Transducers

I worked with C# on a very small software team

  • Wrote proposals for specifications of applications, and development plans and ideas for our team
  • Maintained software used by effects medal manufacturers
  • Developed algorithms to manipulate sound files, and created other back end algorithms
  • Changed deployment system from InstallShield to NSIS
  • Transitioned team from Visual Source Safe to Subversion



Ruby on Rails
Currently developing web applications using Ruby on Rails
Learned and used at Northeastern University.
Algorithms, ASP.NET, SharePoint WebParts and WinForms