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"Independence through innovation"    Independence can be defined in many ways... financial, intellectual, leadership, stock price. 

My goal is to make a company independent by innovating new processes and products that meet customer needs. 


A strategic technology leader with significant cross-functional operating experience.More than 20 of years knowledge developing technology products, improving organizational processes and integrating complex back-offices processes.Background with blue-chip companies spanning retail, consumer and business-to-business products and services.Experience in China.Key Strengths:

·Deep understanding of how to apply a business-orientated approach to technology.

·Unique entrepreneurial drive coupled with corporate executional skills

·Demonstrated ability to build and motivate high performing teams

·High energy, passionate, optimistic change agent

Work experience

Mar 1998Jun 2009

Chief Technology Officer

Rand McNally

Responsible for all technology, strategy, innovation, and product development for company's entire product offering across technology and printed media.  Also responsible for strategy and operation of all of company's back-office systems.  Accepted additional responsibility for supply chain and distribution to set new direction and strategy for procurement and distributionManaged 150+ team members.

·Identified and implemented new ways to decrease the company’s dependence on legacy print technologies.Results: Short term reduction of obsolete stock by more than 40%. Working towards goal of reducing working capital needs by more than 50%.

·Selected and implemented technology for award-winning web sites and products, including CustomView Wall Maps, and Digital sites and products under my responsibility represent 20% of company revenue.Reduced costs of operating websites by over 80% through outsourcing and integration.Awarded U.S. Patent 7,274,378.Filed U.S. Patent applications 20070038367 (route system) and 20080249657 (greeting card system).

·Led company’s re-entry into the GPS navigation market.Led team through 45 day cycle and developed the first working prototype displayed at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.Results: Strong, positive press coverage of new GPS.Industry’s first complete Truckers Navigation Device due in September, 2009.

·Championed and launched Rand McNally’s award-winning wireless phone software line.Identified development partners and designed software.Results: Number one brandedmaps/navigation software on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

·Designed, developed, and deployed a new mapping development platform, MapEngine, which significantly accelerated product development for online and software-as-a-service offerings.Results: Rapid development of numerous software offerings for multiple customers.MapEngine was selected as a finalist by a major insurance company in their RFP process, over products by Google, Navteq and others.

·Chosen by ownership to explore opportunities to build new businesses in China.Results: Travel and relationship building with Chinese business and government entities.Establishment of business plan and partnership with sister company.Work started on phone-based software for Chinese market.

Vice President, Information SERVICES2000 to 2001

Director, Information SERVICES1998 to 2000

Responsible for the strategic and operational integration of technology to integrate unique B2B and B2C distribution methods with the supply chain.Y2K remediation.

·Designed, developed and deployed of multiple back-office productivity tools.Results: Over $50 million in cost savings, increased sales force productivity by over 100%, and enabled the company to reduce inventory by over 70% and avoid millions in obsolete stock charges.

·Integrated acquisitions of Thomas Bros. Maps and King of the Road Maps within 60 days.

·Recruited for Y2K assessment and remediation.Results: Completed over 51 projects in 18 months resulting in over $4 million in operating cost reductions.

Oct 1994Jun 1998

VP Information Services

Triarc Restaurant Group (Arby's)

The franchisor of the Arby’s restaurant system, which consists of more than 3,600 restaurants worldwide, and owner and operator of approximately 1,100 of those restaurants located in the United States

Vice President, Information Technology1996 to 1997

Director, Corporate Systems1994 to 1996

·Defined new business processes.Directed $17 million project involving the rollout and integration of new third generation IBM Point of Sale equipment, AS/400 and Hyperion decision support systems.Results: Rollout set new industry records for speed and quality and beat first year initial return estimates by over 25%.

·Recruited to be a change agent.Results: Successfully transformed a “support only” organization into a dynamic project oriented team.

Jun 1987Sep 1994


Taco Bell Corporation

Taco Bell Corp., a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., (NYSE: YUM), is the nation's leading Mexican-style quick service restaurant chain.Yum! resulted from a spin-off by Pepsico.

Director, Information Technology1992 to 1994

Senior Analyst, Information Technology1990 to 1992

Supervisor, Call Center 1989 to 1990

Systems Analyst1987 to 1989

·Managed new facility build for Taco Bell Accounting Services.Built new facility from scratch and established systems and connectivity with Irvine and Dallas data centers.

·Team managed the move of Taco Bell’s mainframe computers from Irvine to Dallas consolidated data center (Pizza Hut and KFC also in same data center) and planning and management of conversion of over 40 mainframe systems to allow Taco Bell to begin M&A activities and expand internationally.

·Responsible for the design and implementation of Taco Bell Help Desk to support a new back-office computer system roll-out to over 4,500 restaurants nationwide.

Ken Levin


MIT Sloan School of Management

·Building, Leading & Sustaining the Innovative Organization

·Developing and Managing a successful Technology and Product Strategy

·Supply Chain Strategy and Management


Graduated cum laude


Have set the technical strategy, product strategy and business strategy for companies.  Experienced in eCommerce, Software as a Service, Internet UI, Wireless and Trucking channels/industries. 
Have developed Internet infrastructure, negioiated all hosting and purchase contracts, designed and built data center. 
Back Office / ERP
Have selected several ERP systems.  Oracle, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Clientele (Epicor) as well as integrated best of breed tools into infrastructure (inventory planning/forecasting, POS, decision support, CRM)
Consumer Product Development
Have developed products that have generated over $25 million in revenues with no advertising!,, MapEngine, StreetFinder Wireless, Rand McNally Navigator, Rand McNally Traffic, Rand McNally GPS,
M&A Integration
Experienced in M&A and company integrations.  Restructuring and motivating teams during integration.