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  • International career path in leading multinational companies and strong local companies
  • Solid senior management experience within FMCG, IT and telecom
  • Wide range of skills, with a professional foundation in marketing and sales
  • Strong experience within general management and business development:
  • Strong people manager

I have several years of senior management experience in FMCG and IT/telecom from positions with operational responsibility in smaller/medium sized company subsidiaries, and positions on a senior, company group level. I have a good, holistic insight into general management, and particularly comprehensive knowledge of the commercial side of business development. My work experience has been gained in large multinational companies (Colgate-Palmolive, IBM, Carlsberg, Cadbury Schweppes and TDC) and smaller local companies in Denmark and Sweden. I have comprehensive international experience on both the linguistic and cultural levels, having worked abroad for 7 years (in the USA, France and Sweden), and via international assignments throughout most of my working life.


Sales/marketing, general management and business development, i.e. branding/indentity, portfolio strategies, new product development, advertising development, media buying, sales/consumer promotions, sponsor & event marketing, negotiation, trade marketing, key account management, customer service/logistics, Overall Company Strategy, people management, etc.

Work experience

Mar 2008Present

VP, Sales & Marketing


Primary responsibility: Sales and marketing in Fixnet Nordic Division, offering a wide selection of communications solutions, such as landline and mobile telephony and broad band offerings (IPTV, TDC PLAY music downloads, private mail-box services, etc.)

Major business achievements and results:

  • New distribution strategy ensuring a more optimal prioritization of products and commercial activities across multiple sales channels.
  • New Commercial Plan integrating all sales channels and customer relation programs
  • Successful launch of TDC HomeTrio: Sales tripled - largest launch in several years
  • Contributed to significant profit improvement (11.2% growth in EBITDA in 2008)
Mar 2006May 2008

Managing Director

Primary responsibility: Full accountability for country strategy and implementation as well as the financial performance in Sweden.

Major business achievemnts and results:

  • 38% growth in company operating profit in period of responsibility
  • Customersatisfaction improved significantly (re. Hägglunds annual trade surveys)
  • Employee satisfaction improvedin several important areas
Mar 2006Mar 2008

Marketing & Commercial Director, Northern and Eastern Europe

Primary responsibility: Marketing and overall commercial/sales activities in Northern & Eastern Europe (17 countries, $600 million in gross sales and $50 million in operating profit). Sales & Marketing responsible for Stimorol and V6 chewing gum brands, including market communication, product development and market research. In the sales/commercial area the key responsibilities include developing and implementation of the overall regional sales and trade marketing strategy. Key to support local business units with best practices within commercial area.

Major business achievements and results:

  • Contributed to strong financial performance (+4% in Op. profit, +19% in revenue)
  • Growing market share in chewing gum (40.2% to 43.0% from 2005 to 2007)
  • New sales and marketing organisation in region established, integrating all local brand plans,innovation programs and communication initiatives.
  • Major relaunch of V6 brandleading to growing market shares in all countries
May 2000Feb 2006

Vice President, Marketing & Product Development

Carlsberg Denmark A/S

Primary responsibility: Marketing of the Carlsberg & Tuborg brands, new product development, business development and the Jacobsen House Brewery & Carlsberg visitor centre. Measured on financial performance (approx $700 in net sales and $70 million in EBIT) and marketing budget (> $30 million). Had managerial responsibility for 50+ employees.             

Major business achievements and results:

  • 3-5% increase in the company's earnings (EBIT) each year in the period 2001-2004.
  • After several years of decline, the market share rose on the Tuborg brand in 2002 and 2004. The market share of Carlsberg brand remained stable from 2001-2003, after several years of decline. In 2004, Carlsberg did, however, lose ground after the launch of the international Carlsberg bottle in Denmark, but lost sales were regained in 2005.
  • Project leader for Carlsberg's international "Commercial Excellence" project (steering committee), developing and implementing more than 30 different sales/marketing tools.
  • Preparation of a plan for consolidating the Nordic marketing functions.
  • Successful fusion of Carlsberg's and Tuborg's marketing departments, which have always been two independent units. New strategy developed and focus on employee motivation gave the highest staff satisfaction level in the company already in year 2.
  • Successful implementation of a number of important initiatives: The Jacobsen house brewery in 2005, beer election campaign in 2003, and many other new product launches
  • Strengthening the Carlsberg brand, with increasing consumer preferences 2000-03 and increasing Brand vitality 1999-04 (Brand Asset ValuatorTM - BAV). Increased value of the Tuborg brand in 2001-2004 with improving image and strong brand strength (BAV).
Feb 1999May 2000

Global Director of Marketing & Business Development

Primary responsibility: ERP services + later Business Innovation Services (CRM, ERP,  business consulting, business intelligence, etc.). Net sales of $1.6 billion. 7 employees.         

Major business achievements and results:

  • Contributed to significant improvement in sales and profits for my field of responsibility.
  • Prepared comprehensive business plan for the field of ERP. Chosen as one of the 10 best business plans in IBM's entire global corporation.
  • Promoted to "Executive" and took up the position as Global Director in New York.
May 1996Feb 1999

Marketing Director

Overall responsibility:

Marketing and business development in the 'Personal Care Products Division', including P&L responsibility ($90 mio. in net sales, $17 mio. in EBIT and $14 mio. in marketing budget). European responsibility for shampoo. 11 employees.     

Specific responsibility:

  • Lead development and execution of product strategies and plans to reach sales and profit goals of the division, i.e. new products development, advertising, trade & consumer promotions, pricing strategies, distribution strategies, etc.
  • Develop, control and achieve annual Profit & loss budgets, i.e. sales, marketing investments and profits.
  • Lead consumer research program for the Division, in order to track product performance, initiate corrective action and to identify and explore new business opportunities. 
  • Lead new products development on Palmolive Shampoo for Europe

Major business achievements and results:

  • 16% growth in net sales and +11% in profit (EBIT) during period of responsibility.
  • Successfully implementing ambitious sales/marketing plans and new product launches
  • Re-launched Palmolive shampoo in Europe, on time and with high quality
Jun 1995May 1996

Global Consumer and Sales Promotion Manager

Primary responsibility: Maximisation of the impact of annual global expenditure of +$500 million in consumer and sales promotions (discounts, consumer contests, pricing, etc.).

Major business achievements and results:

  • Instructor on Colgate's global "Promotion Management Training Course" and participated in developing a new "Key Account Management Training Course".
  • Development of an electronic database, giving 500 sales and marketing peers around the world on-line access to more than 150 consumer and sales promotions
  • Participated in "European EDLP Task Force", analysing P&G's Every Day Low Price sales strategy. Recommended actions presented to European management
  • Handled CP's Global "Best of the Best Consumer Promotion Award Program", i.e. annual selection of the 10 best consumer promotions from subsidiaries.
  • Worked with Global Sales & Business Group to develop promotion concepts that help build brand equities.
Aug 1993Jun 1995

Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Manager

Overall Responsibility:

Trade marketing, customer service/telesales, key account management  tools & export sales. Measured on company sales ($ 75 mio) & EBIT ($17 mio). 9 employees.

Specific responsibility & tasks:

  • Lead development of Key Account Management and other key sales functions: Trade marketing (promotions, customer planning, trade partnerships, etc.), trade finance & performance management (profitability analysis, sales statistics, etc.) and trade IT (mobile PC for field sales force, Space Management software, etc).
  • Sales & profit on Iceland and Faeroe Islands.
  • Rationalize customer service & Tele sales department while still improving customer satisfaction.

Major business achievements and results:

  • Contributed to 9% growth in company profit during my period of responsibility. Improved business in Iceland: +16% in net sales and operating profit.
  • Developed new tools within trade marketing, key account management & field sales force: Category management and optimization of in-store activities (displays, events, discount offers, etc.), customer specific profit & loss analysis and business plans, new strategy for trade terms & conditions, partnership programs with retailers (effectiveness analysis of various in-store activities), new sales cycle activity planning, bonus/incentive plans for field sales, space management IT tools, etc.
  • Had a leading role in developing the overall Company Sales Strategy, led Nordic price/discount harmonisation program and participated in annual trade negotiations.
  • As responsible for customer service, tele sales and EDI transfers, I improved customer satisfaction and logistical KPI's (on time, complete & error free deliveries).
Mar 1989Jul 1993

Product Manager --> Marketing Manager

Overall responsibility:

Sales and marketing of household products (Ajax, Vel, Klorin, etc.), and later oral care products (Colgate toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.), including responsibility for BtB sales to dentists and full P&L responsibility (annual sales of USD 24 million, profit of USD 6 million, advertising of USD 6 million). Coordination of Nordic sales and marketing initiatives (Nordic Oral Care Team Leader). 2-5 employees. 

Specific Responsibility:

  • Lead development and execution of product strategies and plans for the category, including new product development, communication (TV, PR, print magazines, etc.), consumer promotions, pricing strategies, distribution strategies, etc.
  • Nordic harmonization of marketing initiatives (product development, promotion, pricing, etc.), including monthly debriefs to senior management (project status, issues and recommended
  • Nordic point of contact for Global Business Development Group in New York.
  • Identify and explore new business opportunities based on consumer research.
  • Develop, control and achieve annual P&L budgets (sales, marketing investments and profits)

Major business achievements and results - Marketing Manager, Oral Care 1991-1993:

  • Impressive financial results: EBIT: +71% in 1991, +12% in 1992 and +59% in 1993.
  • Toothpaste market share grew from 48.6% to 50.8% in 1991. Thereafter kept level.
  • Nordic winner of Colgate's global "You can make a difference" award programme.
  • Developed and implemented extensive new products programme: Launched the first Colgate toothbrush in DK in '91, Colgate Total in '92 and Colgate mouth rinse in '93 and relaunch of Colgate Fluoride (à Colgate Caries Control).

Major achievements and results - Product manager, Household products 1989-1990:

  • Good financial results and market share performance. Maintained 51.6% market share on Ajax and grew share on Vel opvask from 35.9% to 38.8% in 1990.


Aug 1982Jun 1986

Graduate Diploma

The HD Diploma programme at CBS provides you with a degree, tailored to the demands for competent manpower in the private and public sector. The many different subjects of the programme allow you to meet the changing competence needs throughout your entire career. HD is particularly relevant, if you:

  • have work experience, but need a broader knowledge foundation to solve your tasks
  • already have an education, but want to develop new qualifications – e.g. in connection with a career change.
The HD programme consists of two courses – HD part I and HD part II – each of them takes two years - part-time. HD part I is a generel course in Business Administration, where as HD Part II provides you with the option of seven different specialised courses:
Aug 1979Jun 1981

High School (School-leaving examination, mathematics/physics line)

Greve Amtsgymnasium


Business Development
Marketing Managment
Generel Management