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My career goals are not very clear at the moment but I would like to Graduate from Morgan State University with at least a 3.5 grade point average thus giving me more options in what I would like to do as far as my schooling. I would like to go to Graduate School, if the cost of it is waived or I can find a "tuition free" program. That is another reason I want a reasonably high grade point average from undergraduate studies. I have a couple of options that just recently opened; I was offered a full time position at Morgan State University Library upon receiving my Undergraduate degree. With me accepting this opportunity I would be considered a State employee and a Morgan State University employee as well which would put me in the category for a tuition waiver. Thus virtually going to graduate school for "free"; this is the path I would like to take but sometimes life takes it own turns and perhaps it was not meant to be. If I accept the position and am able to get the tuition waiver, I will attend Morgan State University's Graduate Program and receive my Masters Degree in Business Administration or Media Management, finishing up no later than December 2012. During the  last semester in my studies I will start searching for careers in areas I could see myself living; Colorado, Dallas, Atlanta, and Florida are my main choices in that order. I would ultimately like to be employed by the federal government in an agency such as Department of Housing and Urban Development or Small business Administration just to name a few.  If I do not receive the job at Morgan State University; I will return to Colorado and earn certification in something of interest until I find a stable full time position I can call a career.


 To obtain an entry level job in a well known Media company that could lead to a potential management position in the future while acquiring my Masters Degree in Media Management.


Hello Future Employers:

My name is Kendra Lightner. I am a graduating senior from Morgan State University. I have completed the required curriculum in three and a half years thus putting me ahead for May graduation. I will pursue my Masters degree in Media Management after I pass my GRE exam for entrance to the University of my choice. I am very strong willed and have very good values and ethics; moreover making me ideal for hiring.

 I am a very determined individual that not only does what is required but goes about and beyond to aid in facilitating assistance to whom may need it. I utilize my resources to the fullest extent and also work well with others. I have no problem becoming a leader in a group when necessary; I also know how to take direction well. I set goals for myself and achieve them in a timely manner.


Welma Redd

LaKristy Rooks

Sarah Temple


Aug 2006Dec 2009


Morgan State University

Work experience

Jun 2007Present

Student Assistant

Morgan State University- Library
Dec 2008Jan 2009

Office Assistant

Gilmore Construction Corporation
  • Completed paperwork
  • Data entry
  • Answered phone calls
  • Accounts payable
  • Organized and filed vendor receipts**I also worked here from December 2007-January 2008 and May 2005-November 2005


Organizational Skills
Microsoft Suite
45- Words per minute


Aug 2008May 2009

Deans List

Dean of Liberal Arts School