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Work experience

Huntress Group

Nov 2014Jan 2015


They would call me in to test software. I am bound by a NDA and cannot elaborate further.


Reading College

Sep 2013May 2014

AS levels

Business - E

Psychology - D

The Bulmershe School

Sep 2011Jun 2013


Maths - B

English Language - C

English Literature - C

Biology - C

Chemistry - C

Physics - C

Graphic Design - C

Resistant Materials - C

Art - D

Music - F


Meticulous spelling.

I am meticulous when it comes to grammar, and I dislike spelling things wrong. If an occasion occurs where I don't know how to spell a word I try to find a synonym which I do know how to spell. 

Adept musical knowledge.

After studying music for 2 years at GCSE I learnt a lot of information about musical periods and notation. I can Identify what genre a piece of music fits in or what instrument is being played.

Good with numbers.

I can figure out math problems in my head with speed and accuracy.

Creative personality.

I am a very creative person and this is reflected in many ways, such as my thought processes and problem solving capabilities. More often than not I will come up with a peculiar yet effective solution to a problem. I also enjoy drawing with many different medium, from using technology, to pen and paper.

Technologically savant.

I spend a lot of my free time around computers and i enjoy exploring different software and hardware.

First Aid trained.

I was first trained in 2006 as an after-school club, however I enjoyed learning an continue to pursue this as a pastime, I am trained however not qualified.


According to the Briggs Myers' personality test I have an INFP personality, I am a kind and slightly introverted person who can adapt to any working environment, no matter how uncomfortable I feel in it. If I don't like somebody I just accept them for who they are and try to work around my personal feelings towards them.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to consider my application.