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Work experience

Aug 2009Present


Wernersville State Hospital-DPW

In charge of a lock-down unit with 32 co-ed patients. Other duties include medications, accountability, ADLs and patient control.

Jan 2006Jan 2009


York Memorial Hospital

OR Circulator and ocassional scrub nurse.

Team leader for Urology, ENT and Plastic Surgery.

Pre-op Holding Nurse

2 Committees- Performance Improvement and Retention/Recruitment

Interviewed for new staff.

Use of Universal Precautions.

Feb 1999Aug 2005


Carolinas Hospital System

OR Circulator for all services.

Night-shift charge nurse.

Jun 1995Jul 1997


Susquehanna Health System

RN in Outpatient dialysis center-FV Costello Center

Inpatient coverage for dialysis and CAPD.

Aug 1992May 1995


RN Medical/Surgical staff nurse.

RN for acute/chronic dialysis.

Jan 1986Aug 1992

Nursing Assistant

NA for Operating Room, Medical/Surgical Floors. Direct patient care doing vital signs, transferring, ADLs, patient teaching and charting.


Aug 1990Aug 1992


Geisinger Medical Center School of Nursing


I want to use my skills to make patients glad they used our services. A happy customer is a repeat customer. I am open to many positions that can take advantage of my strengths.



 I have a great foundation but I know that in this field, you never stop learning. There is always new equipment or ways to do something, which makes this career stimulating and rarely boring. The majority of my skills are in Surgery and Dialysis. In the OR, I taught myself to scrub by simply observing and asking questions. While in the OR, I did the financial audit for patient charges, computer input for the CDC of surgical infections, statistical data for administration, direct patient care in the pre-op holding and the OR. I was the night shift charge nurse for the OR for 2 years. Currently, I am working in Psyche nursing for the state.


Outside of nursing, I enjoy woodworking/carving, nature photography, and reading.


Communication Skills
There is no better skill in a service oriented business. I am able to communicate with any age group or education level. I also inservice staff on new products or techniques.
Setup and delivery of CAPD/CCPD. Patient teaching, Aseptic technique (extreme clean),
Fresenius and Cobe equipment, RO filtration systems, reuse dialyzers, hemoperfusion of neonates, Dialysis of drug overdoses, primary care modalities, assessment skills, teaching, dialysis accessing via multiple catheters, AV graft/fistulas, teamwork.
Surgical Dressings
Simple to complex dressings including Wound Vacs, Casting.
Aseptic Technique
Surgical preps of all kinds- Technicare, Duraprep, Chloroprep, Chlorhexadine, Betadine
Computer Skills
MS Office, Paragon, Alpha, PACS, Meditech, internet and intranet.
Assist with Anesthesia Nerve Blocks
Assist with insertion of Nerve Blocks, Epidurals, Spinals.
Starting IVs in pre-op holding.