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I have a unique and remarkable ability to form deep connections with people and make offers to them in a way that have them say yes, as well as an ability to integrate already existing coaching/training technologies/paradigms into new, enhanced ones.

This ability contributed to the fact that I have sold more than 48 MIO JPY of sales in the company owned by my wife in the last two years, without creating a website, brochure, for the first year without understanding almost any Japanese and for the year and a half without a business card.

I've also connected myself with some of the major players in the language learning industry with whom I've designed a 3-month-long (99 days) English training product, that has yield 94% of people completing the program with 98% satisfaction rating and an average of (self-declared) English improvement was around 400%.

Work experience

CEO, Sales Manager and Master Language Coach

In June 2013, I received an invitation to go to Japan with an investment bundle from a woman who I met at a seminar in Tokyo. This person later became the owner of the company, my wife, and the mother of my daughter.

One World Co. Ltd. runs the 99-day English training program called LifeLanguage BootCamp (LLB). LLB is a language program, which includes elements of life coaching, English teaching and team building. It effectively produces leadership in those who participate. Through the program, participants become confident and develop their fluency in speaking.

Since its inception, I have been the chief architect of our delivery, sales, and operational processes. I have integrated various online systems into manageable tools and processes that our team is now using in our business.

The highlight of our 2 years in business has been our remarkable amount of sales. This can be attributed to both my ability to deeply connect with people and the sales process that I created at our company. This sales process has allowed me to contact thousands of people via phone and email with regular and timely follow up that has led to people committing to join our program many months after I first speak with them.

CEO, Sales Manager and PhotoReading Instructor

Through acquiring a license in the US, I became the first Slovenian PhotoReading Instructor (and one of the few in the UK). PhotoReading is a method developed by Paul R. Scheele. The US now has more than 100 instructors teaching using the method.

I developed a business model, developed an effective presentation, and designed business processes while managing a team of up to 15 people.

As a PhotoReading Instructor, I spoke in front of more than 15,000 people from more than 10 countries. I ended up teaching the skill to more than 2,000 people, and I received a 90% customer satisfaction rating.

Before leaving this position, I became the world's top PhotoReading Instructor based on the number of people I taught during the 6 years I held the position.

Book Author

Jul 2006Mar 2007

Book Author

I've authored a book called PEACEHIKER - Around the World Without Money, which was published in Slovenian under the title "PEACEHIKER - Okoli zemlje brez denarja".

Education and experiences

Faculty for Social Science Ljubljana (FDV)

Oct 2002Oct 2013

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

Landmark Education

Sep 2007May 2008

7-month Leadership Program - ILP


Jul 2004Mar 2006

Travelled Through 24 Countries on a Budget of $200

At the age of 20, I decided to go traveling with the budget of 200 dollars in my pocket. This was all the money I had at the time. I started in Slovenia, passed through Europe, USA, Mexico, Central America, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, India and returned back home after 19 months. I was featured in more than 56 media publications around Slovenia and around the world.

Gymnasium in Postojna

Sep 1998Jun 2002

High School Graduate

I have completed Gymnasium, which is the 4-year High School that we have in Slovenia. The curriculum is focused on general subjects and preparation for entering in to the university system. I completed the school and while I was enrolled, I took lessons in English, German and Italian.


Aug 2001Sep 2001

Travelled Two Weeks Across Europe by Hitchhiking

When I was 16, during my 4th year of high school, I went on a 2-week adventure around Central and Western Europe.


FULL NAME: Matej Kento Matsunaga Sedmak (Ken Matsunaga)
BIRTHDATE: 18th May 1984
BIRTHPLACE: Postojna, Slovenia




I speak some.




Native fluent



I can lead a conversation, especially in a 1-to-1 meeting. I am comfortable with my expression in Japanese, and I don't become panicked if I do not understand. However, I cannot understand a lecture, and I cannot be sure to understand a person without follow up questions. I assess my skill to be at 39%.