Work experience

Work experience

Dart Enterprises


Dart Enterprises is the holding company for portfolio companies across industries such as real estate development, technology, finance and retail. A major accomplishment of Dart Enterprises has been Camana Bay, a town center on Grand Cayman aimed at both locals and visitors alike. Camana Bay is being built in sections over a number of decades and contains shops, offices, restaurants, homes and a school.



Dart Foundation

The Dart Foundation focuses on advancing youth education in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Ken Dart is a current board member after his parents, Claire and William Dart founded the Foundation.

Growing Communities

Growing Communities is a joint venture between Dart Cayman Islands and the Cayman Island Government for the creation, maintenance and improvement of local, community parks on Grand Cayman. All of these parks are open to the public during daylight hours, seven days a week.

Dart NeuroScience

Dart NeuroScience is an organization dedicated to researching new technologies and treatments to maintain consistent cognitive function throughout one's life. 

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