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Aug 2007May 2009

Lebanon High School

I studied photography and other art feilds for both of the two years taking a total of 8 art classes


Adobe Photoshop
I have been using this for quite along time i am quite advanced in both Photoshop and other similar programs. i can change colors, add text, and make ammatur photography look completely professional.
i know the Latin language quite well simple Latin translations and words can be used in my work.


My objective is to earn money online by photo editing, lable designs and other digital media work. I wish to make it perfect so i always have costumers who are completely satisfied. I would like to earn the money and use it for expenses regaurding KCAI tuition and other collage expenses.


I have a wide variety of intrests. I am mostly inspired by music, and other art work. I have played the violin for 8 years and i plan to continue that. I have played numerous other instruments through the years including piano, flute, chello, and the guitar. I am quite involved in music by making local band logos, taking pictures at concerts and other help. I love volenteering and i have been tutoring in Math for the last 3 years. I am a jr in high school taking Advanced calculus so online tutoring is also an option in my services. I love babysitting and i love little kids. I myself have a little sister who i get along with quite well. I babysit for family, friends and other people in my community. So babysitting is another one of my many uses.


I am just a teenager looking for simple disign jobs. I am setting up this website to possibly find online jobs so I can earn money to attend the Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri. I am currently studying art and photography in the high school here in Kaiserslauten Germany. I am going to continue my studies and take many art classes. if there is any business logos you need made or other creative things done for you, Im your girl! I can learn anything you need me to. I will not ever give you a piece of work that i do not find perfect. I have OCD and this does affect my work in the way that it needs to be absolutly perfect. If you want to see the work before i can watermark it and then have you approve. I will keep working at it until it is absolutely what you want. I hope to work with you soon


First Aide

USAF Youth Center