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Work experience

Apr 2011Jun 2011


Telecommunication Service

this company is being my second internship. i am glad that i can work here, because this company is governments and famous in Indonesia. i am enjoying work here. actually, i work here as a sales partner.

May 2009Jul 2009

Vaya Tour

Tour and Travel

i work here as an internship student for 2 months. in my faculty, we have a program of internship and it takes 2 times on the second year and fourth year. i work in Vaya Tour as my first internship, and i got a lot of experiences there. i able to figure out the conditions of works atmosphere. they give me a responsibility and i feel heavy because this my first time but time after time i can prove them that i can do what they want me to do.


Aug 2007Present

Bachelor Administration

International Business Administration

this faculty is in Sam Ratulangi University  at Manado. this is an international faculty of administration, but actually the most what i have learn insides are about marketing, so i prefer to marketing than administration.


I am fresh graduate, that's why there is no reference on my CV.

I need a job.. every position it's okay for me, because I'm a fresh graduate.. and I really need your guidance. just let me know if there's any job for me. thank you for reading this. I really appreciate that. 


I interest in Marketing and Business. Besides that, I also interest in Entertainment.


Sales Marketing
in my second internship i was entered in the Modern Channel division. i was assign to be a sales marketing for their product, but this job is not direct to consumers. I was assign to work with other company to sell the products. and i doing it well.
Ghost Shopper
in my first internship, I was assigned to be a ghost shopper to check out their employees quality of work. and that's being my work for 2 months. on the beginning I was felt so boring with that job, but after a week past I knew what is the important of this job for the company. and i doing it well.
Marketing Manager
I think this is what I capable of. I'd like to manage things up, and systematic is my type.