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Key Experiences

U-M Women's Ice Hockey, CCWHA - #15 Wing          2011 - current

  • National playoff's 2012, and 2013.

Kalamazoo Lady Wings Hockey, Team Captain    2010-2011

  • Led a talented team to an exhilarating championship win, 2011.

Excellence in Education Scholarship Awardee,  2011

  • From Kalamazoo Foundation honoring top 2.5% of graduates in Kalamazoo County.

Work experience

Getecha USA

Supplier of granulating equipment for the plastic molding and recyling industries                 

Accounting & Inventory Assistant                                    Summers 2009-2012

  • Inventory receiving data entry. 
  • Updated spare parts data base for cost changes and new part #'s.
  • Updated customer data base for tax id's and contact information.
  • Reconciled bank accounts.  Filing and boxing records. 

Denso North America

Global Supplier of Advanced Automotive Equipment,

DMMI - condensors, radiators, evaporators, heater cores, engine coolers, & HVAC

Intern Production Engineering                                                                 SU 2013

  • NPI team member, 10mil expansion for New Product Introduction.  G/C low volt interfin condensor
  • Contributions:  Manual completion of production steps for batch builds of new model product. 
  • Install of new conveyor rollers to 0% fail rate.
  • Standardized dimensions and build of support bar.  Now interchangable on multiple production lines and can build for stock in parts crib.
  • Main Project & Presentation:  Defect study of connector voids.  Where occurring and on what models.
  • Exit Interview:  "interacted with plant floor personnel & learned 1.3 mil sq ft plant better than any intern they've ever had."  "cheerful and well liked."



High School, Dual Enrolled GPA 4.0

Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center (KAMSC), Accelerated education to selected students in Kalamazoo County,

  • Directors Award - 4 Yrs All "A's"
  • 2010 Most Outstanding Student Award
  • Senior Project:  Build an iron structure and study it using a Seismic table at WMU Dept of Engineering.

Comstock High School, GPA 4.0, 2011

  • Varsity Soccer 3 yrs, 2011 JGA Junior Golf Assoc Scholarship winner,    2011 B'nai B'rith Award, 2011 National Honor Society State Honorees and Presenters.