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Hello, my name is Kelsey Stein and I am currently a student at DePauw University. I am studying biology in hopes to go to medical school. I currently work for DePauw's Information Technology Associates Program as an associate at the DePauw University Help Desk. I hope to gain as much knowledge and utilize every opportunity to grow here during my undergraduate education. 

Work experience

Administrative Assistant

Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

I worked in the copy and service center for one of the largest law firms in Indianapolis. I was a courier for legal documents to the state house. I also completed dozens of projects over the course of the summer for legal presentations in court for the attorneys in the firm. 

Aug 2011Present


Information Technology Associates Program

The Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP) is a four year, paid internship program here at DePauw that gives students the opportunity to further develop their technological skills and apply these skills to the liberal arts education. The program enables the student to build transferable skills in technology, leadership, and teamwork to contribute to success during college and after graduation. The first year is training in different areas of technology to give a broader knowledge of different applications. We participated in four six-week rotations to gain this greater understanding. 

Rotation 1: Visual Basic

  • learned different codes to design a program that is a flashcard study tool
  • completed the flashcard program

Rotation 2: Multimedia

  • designed a website teaching the audience to knit on Google Sites
  • learned to apply all the main functions in photoshop
  • developed two programs on adobe flash

Rotation 3: Media Services

  • Media Services Desk: where I went around campus installing different forms of hardware
  • Help Desk: re-imaged computers, helped with printing problems and installment, problem solving with different students computer problems
  • Technical Services: disassembled and reassembled a laptop and desktop, imaged computers using Ghost, and ran heat tickets for different faculty and staff around the campus

Rotation 4: Web Design

  • Learned to write the coding to create my own website
  • Learned to use Dreamweaver in both design mode and code view
  • Learned the art of design and how to make a website aesthetically appealing

I currently work as an associate at the DePauw University Help Desk. We work on re-imaging students laptops, installing spyware, and any other software issues that may arise. We are also the hub where students can come for us to direct their issues to those who can fix them if we are unable to. I also help to train the apprentices in the new ITAP class. We are consistently using customer service skills and problem solving to meet the needs of all of the clients that come through our doors.

Aug 2012Present


DePauw University Help Desk

I work to resolve the software issues of the students of DePauw University. We help to identify where to direct the problem if we do not have the skill set to fix the issue. I re-image computers, install network drives and campus printers, and problem solve with all other issues that students encounter. 

May 2012Aug 2012



I worked as a front end cashier as well as a customer service representative. I was challenged to meet the needs of all customers in a retail environment. It was a great experience in which I was able to interact with all kinds of people.

Jun 2011Aug 2011


I worked with three children ages ranging from 8-14 for ten hours a day three days a week, with Mike's Express Carwash the other days. 

Jul 2010Jul 2011


Mike's Express Carwash

I worked in service advising to the customers and also manually washing the cars before entering the wash. The entire job was outdoors so I was forced to endure all types of environmental stresses. This organization was rated one of the top businesses in the state of Indiana. 


Aug 2011Present


DePauw University
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.1
  • Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity (Communications Director)
  • Greek Fellow
  • By-Laws Committee
  • Information Technology Associates Program
  • DePauw University Help Desk
  • Timmy Global Health Foundation
  • College Mentors for Kids
  • Intramurals
Aug 2007May 2011

Zionsville Community High School

I graduated with Academic Honors with a cumulative GPA of 4.2. 

Involvement in High School:

  • President of Key Club International (11, 12)
  • Member of Key Club International (9, 10)
  • Representative of Student Council (9, 10, 11)
  • Student Body President (12)
  • Powderpuff Football (9, 10, 11, 12)
  • Prom Committee (11)
  • Homecoming Committee (9, 10)
  • National Honor Society (11, 12)
  • Mr. Zionsville (12)
  • JV Lacrosse (9)
  • Varsity Lacrosse (10)
  • Leader in Junior High at Church (9, 10, 11, 12)
  • Peer Facilitating (12)



I created a website and made all of the design and content myself.
Adobe Flash
I designed two different flash videos using the different tools that Adobe offers.
Adobe Photoshop
I designed several projects within Adobe Photoshop editing photos with all the different tools. I also designed an advertisement for my seminar about the ethics of food. 
Microsoft Office
I have used all programs within Microsoft Office for all different assignments, projects, and presentations in my education and work experience. 
Visual Basic
I used Visual Basic in my first rotation and learned to use some of the coding and developed a flash card program within Visual Basic.