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I am a graduate of Chico State's Child Development program, and with this incredible experience comes with several internship experiences. I have worked with an age range of 12 months to 13 years through the variation of my internships, and have even collected some experience with children with developmental (physical and cognitive) disabilities. I am a motivated, goal oriented, and punctual individual with a passion for helping and doing the best I can. I pride myself on my creativity not only with children and early childhood education but also in my own personal life. In the classroom, I strive to focus my creativity on curriculum and environment, in order to engage the children's interests for extended periods of time. In my personal life, I utilize my creativity in the methods of sewing projects and DIY home decor projects. I find solitude in the simple-ness of sensory activities and spending copious amounts of time outdoors with family, friends, and my dog!

I pride myself on the dedication I have given to my academics, my internships, and any employment positions I have held over the years. I have worked hard towards an evolution of myself, and growing and changing as I cultivate more experiences in both my own personal and professional life. I use this experiences, whether good or bad and utilize them to learn and flex with whatever life happens to hand me. I am positive and optimistic and go into all situations with an open mind. I am passionate about the importance of providing quality early childhood education, and I find myself sharing this passion with the world/individuals around me. Change begins with the young, and our world will not become a better place until we reach the youngest generations and start there.


California State University


Bachelor of Arts

Child Development

Work experience

Teacher's Assistant

  • Prepared and evaluated curriculum for 2-3 year olds.
  • Participated in staff meetings and parent events.
  • Completed weekly observation notes and Desired Results assessments.
  • Assessed behavior management techniques.

Senior Intern

  • Equine therapy for children with special needs
  • Provided individualized support to riders of all disabilities
  • Assured the rider was safe and attended to at all times
  • Collaborated with other volunteers to provide an open and safe environment

Associated Students Child Development Lab



Intern Participated in staff meetings and parent events. Completed weekly observation notes and Desired Results assessments. Assessed behavior management techniques.

Student Supervisor

  • Student Supervisor
  • Effectively managed different situations while supervising other students and working with the public
  • Trained new employees to follow proper food handling protocol
  • Supervised and delegated tasks while completing individual responsibilities


  • Assisted teacher in classroom tasks
  • Copied, filed, and laminated paperwork
  • Led group of five to seven 7th and 8th graders in a weekly activity


  • Prepared, implemented and reflected upon curriculum for children one to four in art, music, dramatic play, science, and small/large motor.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of developmentally appropriate practice.


These attachments contain the cultivated knowledge I have gained over the course of my Child Development degree. They include reflections about what I've learned, how I've grown, and examples of assignments I have completed during my coursework that has help me grow as a Child Development professional.