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Northern Oklahoma College 

Full Music Scholarship 

Valedictorian Scholarship 

President's Honor Roll - Two Years

Oklahoma State University

S-STEM Scholarship 

OSU Regents Transfer Scholarship 

Tau Sigma Honor Society 


Aug 2015Dec 2017


Oklahoma State University-Stillwater




Northern Oklahoma College


Work History

Aug 2013May 2014

Northern Oklahoma College - Tonkawa, OK

Sheep Center

Fed sheep morning and evening - Measured different types of feed and the amount between the ewes and bucks 

Assisted with breeding and birthing processes - Moved the ewes to the bucks and put them in a single area together. Pulled out the lambs from the ewes if the lamb was stuck or facing the wrong direction. Swing the lamb back and forth to make sure he/she was breathing 

Monitored lambs and ewes for post-birth complications - Checked each morning that mom was healing and taking care of her lamb only. Injected or fed the momma ewe each morning with a vitamin that would allow her to give nutrients to the baby during feeding.

Clubs and Organizations

Aug 2013May 2015

Northern Oklahoma College - Tonkawa, OK 

Civitans Club 

Volunteered at the First Christian Church soup Kitchen - Prepared and served meals. Assisted with set up, serving, and clean up 

Provided assistance at Knees 2 War 5k fundraiser for missionaries - Registered participants for the race. Operated a water station at the halfway point 

Aug 2015December 2017

Oklahoma State University - Stillwater, OK

Cowboy Marching Band  - Clarinet 

Work together in sections to practice music 

Memorize music and formations 

October 2016December 2017

Oklahoma State University - Stillwater, Ok

Kappi Kappi Si

Forms lifelong friendships 

Provides guidance from older students 

Be more involved in the band functions 

Writing Assignments

Future Career

After achieving a Bachelor's Degree from Oklahoma State University I plan to attend OSU in Oklahoma City to further my education and receive the degree of being a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Assignments Toward Major - Artifacts

The Monarch Butterfly assignment is important because we had to look up one animal to learn everything about and explain it to the class within a presentation. The Chemistry Lab is an example of how after each experiment we were required to type up a short memo over what we learned and observed. The final paper over Wiwaxia is from my Invertebrate Zoology class where we wrote about an extinct species from Burgess Shale. The horse hair-worm paper is over an experiment my lab group conducted and what our results were. 

Artifacts Chosen-Why?

I chose the four artifacts to use because I think they both reflect what I learned in those two classes the best. Those two classes were also required classes that I need to receive my major in Zoology. The Monarch Butterfly artifact shows that even though it is short, there was large amount of information that I now know about the species The Chemistry Lab shows that I am capable of conducting an experiment with a group and that I am able to write down easily what I saw and what my opinion on it was. I chose the Wiwaxia paper because it shows that I am able to research an extinct species and write a well written paper over it. I lastly chose the horse hair-worm experiment paper because it shows that I am able to conduct an experiment, examine the results, and come to a solid conclusion over the experiment. 

Overall Assessment 

There are certain parts of my portfolio that I would love to expand on. I would like my resume to have more work history that relates more to what I want to do in the future. I would also like to add a leadership section to my resume one day. This could be achieved by being the youth leader at my church, or becoming the President of a club or organization on campus. I also would like to include more artifacts in the area that relate to my major, but this will be accumulated more throughout my next few semesters at Oklahoma State University.