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Many people – even those who think that they are particular about matters concerning their health and well being – don’t over think grocery shopping. When it’s time to buy fruits and vegetables, for example, they go to a market and put what they want in their basked. They may take some time to carefully select each item. They’ll look for tomatoes that are firm not mushy, apples without bruises, broccoli that is nice and green and fresh… but what these people don’t realize is that much of the produce found in markets – especially supermarkets – has travelled quite a long way to get there, or may have sat in cold storage for a period of weeks or months. In addition, each apple, tomato and stalk of broccoli has passed through several hands, from the grower to the packer to the person who stocked the shelves and then, every person who considered buying it. Organic markets aren’t much better, often importing produce from afar rather than using fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Kellys Vegies fruit and vegetable boxes are the perfect solution to these problems. First of all, they are convenient - they are delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep once a week. Second of all they are reasonably priced - regular customers don’t pay a delivery fee (first time customers who order a trial box do have to pay a small delivery fee, but the vegetables and fruit are on Kelly, and 6 free range eggs are included in the trial box at no additional cost). Thirdly, the small, medium and large fruit and vegetable boxes are expertly packed with the best of the season grown at local farms. Customers save the time that they would have spent at the supermarket while giving a boost to the local farming industry.

Each fruit and vegetable box from Kellys Vegies is designed to contain enough fruit and vegetables for one week for one person (small box: 3 varieties of vegetables and a bag of mixed fruit) one to three people (medium box: 2 kinds of fruit, 5 different types of vegetables) or four to six people (large box:  7 varieties of vegetables and 3 types of fruit). Free range eggs are also available for weekly delivery, or on a fortnightly basis. Potatoes, which are available in 2.5 or 5 kilo bags, are delivered monthly.

More than Vegetable

When the company was just starting out, it delivered about ten fruit and vegetable boxes a week. Today, it delivers over 700 boxes per week and has expanded to include other products. There is an extensive selection of free range meat and poultry, including different cuts of free range beef, free range lamb, free range pork, free range chicken, and minced, diced meat, burgers and additive/preservative free sausages. Kellys Vegies also delivers white and brown bread, milk, yogurt and cottage cheese, homemade soups, pies and even dessert. All products can be seen and ordered on Kellys Vegies colorful, easy to use Web site.

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