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Wallace Community College

Wallace is a community college in my home-town. I have taken many core classes there when I have gone home for the summers.


The University of Alabama

I am currently a student at the University of Alabama and majoring in Food and Nutrition. I hope to be accepted into the coordinated program and finish school as a registered dietician.

Jun 2011Jul 2011

Shelton State Community College

I attended Shelton State Community College in the summer of 2011 to take Chemistry 104 and 105 and Anatomy II

Work experience

Summer Child Care Provider

Family with three children for six years


Assistant to Stock Broker and Secretary

  • Worked with Stock Broker and Secretary
  • Filed papers and answered phone calls

Fitness Xpress
  • Managed phones, memberships, and sales
  • Evaluated Anthropometrics: body measurements, weight, and waist circumference

Floater: EMA, Clerical, Human Resources

Selma City Courthouse
  • Typed and organized Job Descriptions
  • Gathered Census Information
  • Converted paper documents to electronic documents


  • Skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure, and communicating ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Enthusiastic about promoting knowledge of nutrition

Informational Websites

Work Philosophy

What originally attracted me to nutrition was my fascination of what food can do for your body. Not only is it a source of fuel, it also helps heal wounds, acts as medication, and provides enjoyment for all people. In today’s society we are choosing the wrong kinds of food to eat and also eating too much of it, it is killing us instead of healing us and becoming toxic for our lives. As a registered dietician, I am going to show people that you can eat healthy and it still taste just as delicious as the high calorie high fat foods. I believe that most people eat unhealthy because they lack the knowledge they need to choose and cook healthy meals. I know that I can help people in this area and set out to increase people’s knowledge one person at a time. One person could turn into a community and a community could turn into a nation. I have such a passion for nutrition and I know that it is the place where I will make a difference in this world.

Initial Goals

My initial goals all deal with school. I plan to maintain a high GPA and excell in all of my nutrition classes. I plan on getting to know the teachers well, and create relationships with other people in the field of Nutrition. I would also love to do my 491 abroad, this way I can develope an appreciation and understanding of nutrition in other cultures. My biggest goal is to graduate from The University of Alabama with honors and become a RD.

Memberships, Affiliations, Honors


Sigma Alpha Lambda

Dean’s List: Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011

University of Alabama Student Dietetic Association

Member of American Dietetic Association

Servsafe Certified

Food Blog (beginner)

Volunteer Experience

Soloist for Weddings and Events

Singer, Elkdale Worship Band

Mission Trip in Trinidad

¨Leader of group of two and three year olds

¨Helped develop a youth praise and worship band

Church Nursery Worker

Tornado Relief

RISE Program: Special Needs School

Full Life Ahead: Special Needs Camp

Long Term Goals

After graduating I plan on getting a clinical job in the hospital in Selma, Al. Selma is a small town and I believe that I can make a difference to make it a healthier place. I plan on doing all that I can to increase the knowlege of health to the people living there. In the future I plan on owning my own business that offers nutrition counseling and cooking and fitness classes.