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Work experience

May 2014Present

Game Advisor


I worked on the computers and talked to/helped the customers find their desired game. 

May 2014Aug 2014

Sales Associate


I worked the registers and talked to the customers on the floor and assisted them with finding the right outfit.

About me

I attended Hopewell Area School District for my whole life until moving to Beaver High School my junior year. During my time at Hopewell, I was the head photographer for the yearbook and newspaper, class club officer, president of student council, treasurer of the Latin club, and vice president of the forensics club. 

Upon moving to Beaver, I participated in the broadcast and yearbook club. I also coordinated the girls powderpuff football team for my senior project, which raised over $200 for the Women's Shelter in Pittsburgh.

Photography is extremely important to me, along with video games. I see both as a type of art that I can express myself through. I have been taking pictures for both school districts for the past four years of my life, and though I wish I would have spent more time in the student sections, capturing the enthusiasm of the students in the bleachers and giving them something to remember from that year was, and still is, more important to me. 

Working two jobs during the summer at PacSun and GameStop were extremely difficult to balance, but it worked out and allowed me to develop not only a work ethic, but also created a sense of time-management for me.

My creativity, leadership, ambition, and inability to quit will be the defining factors that I have that will allow me to excel in whatever I do, wherever I go.


Aug 2013Present


Beaver Area High School

After attending the Hopewell school district my whole life, I moved to Beaver Area School District my junior year. Though the move was difficult, it did not affect my education and I still was able to take some of the hardest classes offered at the school as a junior. 


Nicholas LaSota

Supervisor at PacSun: (724) - 630 - 6471

John Maholtz

Store manager at GameStop: (330) - 787 - 3007

Misty Featherson

Assistant store manager at GameStop: (724) - 732 - 9249


Pictures I have taken in the past 4 years


When I want something badly in my life, the drive is limitless and I will stop at nothing to ensure I finish what I started.
I am able to comfortably put myself out there in situations and take the reigns of a group(s) with ease.
With technology, a changed environment, and others, I have proven that regardless the situation I hold the ability to adapt easily and well.
Talking to others, including people I am unfamiliar with, is no obstacle for me and something I actually love to do. Working two sales associates jobs has developed this skill even further for me in the most positive manner.
I am able to communicate well with others and in a mature manner.