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To Whom It May Concern,

Hello!My name is Kelly McCaughey and I am a senior at Mission Viejo High School.I am seventeen years old and I am currently enrolled in Azusa Pacific University as a freshman.I love to work with kids and do volunteer work.I am a hard worker and I am very loyal and dedicated.My passion is for serving and helping others.

In this Online Portfolio, I have carefully placed a lot of things that I believe would best portray who I am and what I’m all about.On the sidebar, you can view my resume, cover letter and a letter of recommendation.Below, you can see samples of my writing and samples of my hard work over the last couple of years.

I hope this information suffices and you have all that you need to know. If you have any questions, you can contact me at on my cell phone or my e-mail.Thank you so much for your time!

Work Samples

Writing Samples