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·    Unique outlook on patterns and trends, stemming from extensive study of Anthropology

·    Strong analytical and research capabilities accompanying a passion for science and technology and the ability to work well under pressure

Interested primarily in Government planning, community outreach, public information all motivated by interest in Social Research. Especially interested in Interpretive and Critical Paradigms used to critique current systems and plan for the future. By utilizing an Anthropological viewpoint, we can apply lessons that cultures have learned in the past to our present-day situations including environmental issues and humanitarian crises.


        I graduated from NC State University in Raleigh, NC with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications.  The concentration I chose was in public relations, and I pursued a minor in Anthropology to complement the core degree. A background in analysis and Anthropology provides me with a unique standpoint, from which to view Social Sciences and Communication problems. When approaching public relations processes with a critical eye, the practitioner is able to utilize scientific methods to provide real results that are quantifiable. By using thorough research, organization, planning and insight into future trends and markets, I can position your business in the niche it needs to survive.

    I truly believe that longevity is the way to cement a business in the market, and this can only be achieved through building a trusting, honest relationship with its publics. Through visibility and transparency, a company can show through actions that it is worthy of its publics. With a great public relations campaign, a business or organization will always succeed. Public relations and "branding" plans, are the blue print to a successful company, and marketing, research and development and advertising all fall in line, as tools to use for reaching goals and objectives set out in the campaign plans.

    I also approach my lifestyle and day-to-day actions with the same mindset. I strive to be honest and moral in every situation, and give my all to every project I invest in. When I am able to be appreciated for these aspects of my personality, I do best. I am confident in this fact, and have proven it many times over, throughout my academic and professional career. When you hire me as an employee, you will get a person that commits one hundred percent to each and every part of the job, and not waste valuable time with inefficiency.

Work experience

Jan 2002Present

Office Manager

Masterpiece Signature Painting
  • Prepares bids and invoices for building contractors, designers, and other home building executives.

  • Designs image campaign to include web page design and advertising practices.

  • Implements color consultations with client to determine design plans for projects.

  • Coordinated large apartment and new construction projects in Wilmington and Triangle markets, including supervision of employees.

  • Consistently completes jobs within required time frame, and retains repeat customer loyalty at high rate.

  • Set schedules for advertising and marketing initiatives and oversee them, along with clearly-defined procedures and objectives.

  • Plan, create and monitor tracking systems for projects and market trends. Create solutions for areas of need and to take advantage of opportunities.

  • Improves budgeting of funds used for company functions, through setting rules and regulations to improve efficiency of daily procedures, and by researching the best alternatives for marketing and advertising plans.

  • Oversees the placement of the company into specific niche areas, to complement core strengths and advantages, based on market research and analysis.


Event Services Intern

Howard, Merrell and Partners
  • Compiled clippings into client folders, for uploading to company mainframe database, and maintained documents to track company press releases.

  • Researched and created documents for client account support, including press releases, interview transcription and publicity contact list spreadsheets.

  • Maintained filing, phone calls and assisted event planning processes for event services, also assisted with activities to improve client relationships and inner-office relationships.

  • Set up, maintain and break down conference rooms for client meetings.

  • Pulled client documents from large filing systems, previously created by company to use as examples of work. Bound them together as books to send to prospective client accounts, utilizing lists written by CEO to specify documents and other format options.

  • Attend client and company meetings with supervisor.


Marketing, Bakery and Coffee Barista

Whole Foods Market
  • Created recipes and displays to attract customers to try products, as determined by management.

  • Worked with departments to sell items that were slow to move, or where excess inventory existed.

  • Created sales reports to monitor how well each product was moved, after cooking demonstrations and sampling of recipes created to utilize the products.

  • Worked to increase overall sales of the store by exposing customers to new products.

  • Followed procedures, laid out by paid vendors, to complete sales demonstrations.

  • Researched product information, to provide to customers and drive sales/educate them on health issues.

  • Provided excellent customer service to shoppers, and worked to help open new store in time for a huge grand opening, which was incredibly anticipated and well-received by the public.

  • Stocked the sales floor before store opens and organize sales tables, checked labels for price changes, expiration dates, etc.

  • Pulled inventory from back-stock and price, prepare and date according to outlined procedures and previously laid-out plans, pulled expired inventory from shelves to take away.

  • Created beautiful displays and organize things in a manner that would delight and excite customers, including hand created signs and merchandise spreads.

  • Helped customers with product education, health and wellness awareness and planning out bakery needs for events.

  • Ran espresso and cappuccino bar, making drinks, maintaining levels of supplies and coffee, printing labels for baked goods.

Sep 2009Dec 2009


Genesis Marketing

130 Unpaid Internship Hours Completed

  • Assisted vice president with all needs, including phone calls (up to 25 per day), researching media rates and prospective media contacts, and writing press releases.

  • Collected information needed to complete client campaigns, and compiled them into tables and documents.

  • Completed all tasks within the given time frame, and worked to minimize company expenses by finding new resources.

  • Assisted management with organization, shipping and other various administrative tasks.


Server and Hostess

Carver's Creek Steakhouse

Resume and Writing Samples

Client Materials/Research


Dec 2009

Bachelor of Arts

North Carolina State University

·Overall GPA- 3.185

·Major GPA- 3.250

·Class Rank- 2978 of 6674

·Member of NC State Dressage Equestrian Team 2002-2004

·Dean’s List NC State- 2003

Publicist—Founding Member of Ladies of Southeast Raleigh High School—club for SRHS students, emphasizing community service and acceptance for all types of girls

Mar 2001


Southeast Raleigh Science and Technology Magnet High School


Basic Web site design
Web 2.0
Social Media
Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel
Editing to conform to AP Style or any other Stylebook used by the organization.
·    Excellent communication abilities through written and visual media using thorough planning and attention to detail
SPSS software
Interpersonal Communication Abilities
  ·    Possess strong interpersonal skills that enable creative problem solving consisting of empathy, insight, mediating, persuading, persistence, mediating and active listening  
Microsoft Word