Kelly Pagels

Work experience

Work experience
2015 - Present

Flight Dispatcher, Virgin

Virgin America
Flight Dispatcher, (Burlingame, CA) ● Prepare flight releases for scheduled, repositioning and maintenance ferry flights. ● Provide comprehensive pilot briefings prior to departure and en route to discuss weather, NOTAM, and ATC issues affecting the flight. ● Flight­ follow and maintain constant radio and ACARS communication with flight crews and stations, handle in­ flight emergencies using services such as ARINC and MEDLINK.
2007 - 2015

Flight Dispatcher

United Airlines
Flight Dispatcher, (Chicago, IL) ● Prepare flight releases for scheduled, repositioningandmaintenance ferry flights, as well as worldwide military charter operations in compliance with FAR parts 121 and 91 and USAF regulations.
2006 - 2007

Flight Coordinator

Northern Jet Management
Flight Coordinator, (Grand Rapids, MI) ● Provided flight plans, weather briefings, approach charts, and aircraft performance information for FAR part 135 Charter operations. Scheduled maintenance, airplane routing, and flight crew. Coordinated FBO services.
2004 - 2006

Flight Dispatcher, Independence

Flight Dispatcher, Independence Air(Dulles, VA) ● FAR part 121 domestic operations dispatcher ● Intern




Western Michigan University


Kellogg Community College