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Professional Experiences



Rayas y Manchas

Small business establishment aimed at the needs and vanities of women

Feb 2011Jul 2014


Supermercado la Cosecha
  • Open the point of sale at designated times.
    Verify that the caseback is complete upon receipt and before delivery.
    Maintain adequate range often to give returned.
    Receive valuable documents (cards, checks, gift certificates, etc.) or cash in respect of sales made in the shop, meeting procedures and standards.
    Keep the cubicle clean and tidy box.
    Pack the items purchased by the customer in bags of appropriate size according to the size thereof
    Alistar merchandise for separate packages to be processed, so that later pass the charge to collect them.
    Order replenishment of supplies and materials for their daily work.
    Close the outlet in coordination with the supervisory section.
    Give the Supervisor or Manager Shop deposit box with cash collected.
    Reconcile, classify and make the deposit of cash securities and credit raised on the day.
    Actively cooperate with the safety and security of company assets.
    Participate in making periodic physical inventories.
    Serve the customer requesting attention for the purchase of merchandise, personally atendiéndolo until a seller can approach it.
    Flesh including the sale of any merchandise, when the movement of the department, you can not receive timely assistance from the seller.

Academic Background

Dec 2014

Bachelor academic


The student has the opportunity to improve their capacities for self-learning, enhance their knowledge and respond more intelligently to problem situations everyday and academic manner.

The student has the opportunity to improve their social and labor performance by strengthening their skills for life.
The student increases their chances of success in higher education, technically, technologically and professionally, for which you are guaranteed an education relevant and meaningful.