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Work experience

Jan 2017Present

Part-time lecturer

Nelson Mandela University

Rangeland studies I, Environmental Management, Game Health I & Communications II. 

2014July 2016 

Internship & Volunteer coordinator (Conservation)

Pinnacle Conservation

Working as Internship & Volunteer coordinator, assisting students to complete their practical training to obtain their Diploma. Also specialize in environmental education and and have been managing the wildlife for the past 4 years. Was heavily involved with administrative work including but not limited to purchasing, budgeting, planning, customer liaison, secretarial duties and asset management.



Kelly-Jane Peo Photography

Photographer (Portraits, couples, sport, weddings, engagement, families & events).


Chief Executive Officer

Wildlife Management Consultants

Part-time consultancy for game farms in the Western-Cape working in conjunction with Cape Nature. 

Jan 2014Dec 2014

Full- time student

NMMU (Saasveld)

Bachaleurs in Technologae (Game Ranch Management)

Feb 2012Dec 2012

Internship (Experiential training)

Pinnacle Conservation

Mossel Bay Environmental Partnership Estuary Restoration Project (work with     Community staff members as my team).

Strategic Firebreak Project (community teams under my supervision from Fremersheim).

Agape Music Project (Do educational visits and sessions with street children and educate them about music and teach them how to play djembe).

MEP Toy campaign to street children of Agape

Community Ranger project.

Work with Correctional Services and CEF (Creating effective families) with nurseries and food gardens.

Project with the Rasta Community to assist in bird hide architecture for use to community.

Medicinal plant value trail (collaboration between Oyster Bay Reserve and the Rasta Community).

Work with local residents who volunteers to assist in community projects.

Managed various Game Captures throughout the year. 

Started the Wildlife Consultants enterprise. 




Diploma in Photography- Distinction

Shaw Academy

Foundation in Photography & Wedding Photography



Didasko Bible School

N.Dip Game Ranch Management & B. Tech Game Ranch Management


Cum Laude




Grade 8 practical & grade 6 theory. Both final grades.



PW College 

Grade 12


I have skills to lead groups with projects and to act as a mentor to students studying conservation which I was appointed for. I also see the value in environmental education, and love to work with children, youth, students and the community in need. I have good administrative skills and also regard admin as the most important part of planning and execution of projects. I am computer literate and also enjoy doing designing and editing for photography in various programs. I am a very dedicated person, and trust in building relationships to truly really build into people's lives. I have learnt a great deal of working with children, youth and students with our environmental education programs which we hosted on the reserve and also value working and mentoring the students from different universities. I have also built up experience in game management, from dealing with permits, report writing (feedback), setting up game translocation plans, erosion control, animal feeding, maintenance, game health, wildlife rehabilitation, alien invasive control, firebreaks, game counts, media and various conservation research projects. 

General competencies


Language –Afrikaans & English (Understand, speak, read and write both well).

Subjects – Ecology I, II, III; Rangeland studies I; Game Ranch Management I, II, III & IV; Game Science I, II, III & IV;     Game Utilization I & II

Business – Game Ranch Economics I, II, III & IV; Game Ranch Application I, II. Game Ranch Strategic Management IV; Research Methodology.

Computer literacy – (Computer usage I) Microsoft Office, MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Statistica, Adobe Photoshop CS5 & Adobe Lightroom.                                                                        


Hobbies & Interests

I enjoy being involved and assisting with community projects in helping the needy. I value going on short mission trips and have heart for mission work and to bring the Word to people in many different ways. I participated as leader at ‘Stranddiens’ where we reach out to the Herolds bay community and also have involvement in Kidstop serving program currently. I have been involved in the mission field for the past 4 years and are also currently involved in the worship ministry for the past 7 years.  I am passionate about photography, music composition, designing and arts, horse-riding, traveling, music productions and farming. I value building lasting relationships with people and have a compassionate heart for people I am surrounded with. 


Mrs. Vivien Stadler    (Pinnacle Conservation)           083 267 3576     [email protected]

Mr. Anton Schmidt     NMMU, George Campus,          044 801 5043     [email protected]                                                    Department lecturer

Mr. Rudolph Grobler                                                                044 871 5611     [email protected]                             

Pastor NG Bergsig George