Kelly F. Manes

Experianced Logger

Work experience

Work experience

Timber cutter/ laborer

1996 - Present

*Examine logs for best cut.

*Adjust saw blades, using wrenches, or by turning handwheels, or pressing pedals, levers or panel buttons.

*Set up an operate saw's an or machines that cut or trim wood.

*Inspect stock for imperfections and estimate the Grades or Qualities of stock.

*Operate panelbords of saw or conveyor systems to move stock or the process of cutting stock to specific dimensions.

*Measure and mark stock for cut.

*Mount and bolt sawing blades or attachments to machine shafts.

*Monitor and operate sawing machines, adjusting speed and tension and clearing jams to ensure proper operation.

*Select sawblades, types or grades of stock, or cutting procedures to be used according to job instruction.

*Sharpen blades or replace defective or worn blades using hand tools.

*Count , sort or stack finished workpieces.

*Lubricate or clean machines.

*unload or roll logs from trucks to sawmill decks or to carriages.



High School Diploma

May 1988
St. Joe Wildcats

St.  Joe High School, Saint Joe, Arkansas 72675



Operation Monitoring and Control






Text Section

Responsible logger proficient in cutting timber and associated labor. Skilled an motivated for steady work. 16 years of being in a logging industry postions.