Work experience

Work experience

Key Account Manager

Golden Lee Book Distributors

(CompUSA, Costco, and Independent Retailers)

  • Responsible for the sell-in, replenishment, and merchandising of technology titles for 15+ publishers
  • Established a merchandising system in CompUSA accounts that expedited receiving and restocking process by 5-7 days
  • Generated 50%+ increase in unit sales across the CompUSA chains within the CA and NV region
  • Implemented plan-o-gram merchandising process that freed up shelf space for high-turn titles by 25-40%
  • Improved open-to-buy dollars at the store level by as much as $25k per store

National Account Manager, Book Wholesalers

Macmillan Publishing

Macmillan, the largest publisher in the world, was the publishing arm of Viacom Inc. Its product line included multimedia, consumer, education, business, reference and international publishing, producing annual revenues of $500+ million

  • Responsible for developing product bundles and promotions specifically for the wholesale club market and office superstores
  • Maintained control of market share and number of SKUs in store planograms
  • Increased revenue 49%, resulting in $17.5 million annual revenue

International Marketing Manager, Computer Book Category

Simon & Schuster Business & Professional Group

Globalbrand management of computer book category of four S&S divisions including two English-language companies, one French and one German publishing operation; reported to divisional President

  • Strategic focus on protecting brand equity, sales process and channel expansion, and leveraging U.S. sales tools and promotional campaigns
  • Synchronized global roll out of new products simultaneously with the U.S., resulting in 8 weeks of additional selling opportunity and increased competition with local competitive product
  • Evaluated sales and marketing strategies of each subsidiary and developed processes and collaborative events to share best practices
    • Europe
    • Asia
    • Australia
    • Latin America

IDG Books Worldwide (now Wiley Publishing)

While at IDG Books Worldwide, I led the international marketing, sales, and operational support for English language product from the #1 publisher of tech and lifestyle books, including For Dummies, Cliffs Notes, Betty Crocker, Frommer's, Webster's New World, and Weight Watchers

International Senior Manager

  • Increased divisional revenue by $30 million from '98-'00
  • Restructured, hired and managed 6-person staff (marketing, account management, and customer support)
  • Designed export partner support programs to enhance product sell-through 
  • Collaborated with U.S. product teams and brand managers on pricing and launch tactics
  • Facilitated joint ventures for local publishing programs in Canada, Australia, and UK
  • Managed post-acquisition contracts, inventory transfers and pricing adjustments  

National Account Sales 

  • Company's #1 national account ($18 million), Barnes & Noble, in order to turn-around lagging product sell-in of new product and to maximize backlist replenishment models
  • Managed $900k Co-op Budget, including development of promotions, cost-justification of each program, presentation to the client, and return on investment 
  • Analysis of weekly POS data and account strategy updates to executive management

International Territory Manager:  Europe, Canada and Middle East 

  • Restructured European distribution network, resulting in 50% growth in unit sales and deeper penetration of higher price point, expert-level product lines
  • Established performance metrics for exclusive distributors
  • Conducted in-market training sessions for sales and marketing teams
  • Restructured Middle East distribution network to replace poor performing sales representation
  • Collaborated with U.S. brand managers and foreign marketing teams to customize promotional programs
  • Ensured compliance of global brand guidelines
  • Performed competitive analyses to U.S. teams for new product development

Sales and Marketing Director

Langham Logistics

Langham is a 3rd party logistics (WBE) provider specializing in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, telecommunications, and consumer products.

  • Formulated a publicity strategy built on leveraging CEO's leadership and industry expertise
  • Secured and authored 15 CEO speeches per year, integrated with post-event lead generation
  • Earned $4 million dollars of unpaid advertising in managing and leveraging the 2003 nationally-televised visit of President George W. Bush 
  • Designed revenue analysis and forecasting (including baseline business and net growth)
  • Developed marketing and sales tools including prospect target filter, company capabilities report, presentation and proposal templates as well as supporting scripts
  • Authored and executed integrated marketing plan to differentiate company's methodology

The Brainy Writer

Marketing Consultant for Fast-Growth Entrepreneurial Companies

Director, Marketing


The #1 brand of Emergency Notification Software. Market includes municipal, county, state and federal agencies, military, universities, and Fortune 1000 companies.

  • Core areas: new revenue generation, customer retention, and ongoing brand dominance in the market 
  • Responsible for product marketing, direct and channel marketing, online marketing, publicity, trademark and patent protection, event marketing, sales force automation processes, RFP management, and creative services.
  • Launched Channel Partner Program.  Program pilot generated $1.4 million new revenue opportunities within 6 months of launch
  • Developed and executed a Customer Loyalty and Touch-Points Program.  Annual support renewal rates increased from 73% to 87% in 18 months    
    • Overhauled customer experience 
    • Packaged community awareness programs
    • Customer on-boarding and user training
    • Enhanced account management  
  • Go-to-market strategy and up-sell campaign  

Vice President, Marketing

Sigma Micro

E-commerce and multi-channel retail technology: SigmaCommerce.  Core areas of responsibility: corporate marketing, branding, PR, event management, lead generation marketing.

  • Formulated strategic marketing plan and re-launched newly commercialized e-commerce solution to Sigma's market niche.
  • Launched new demand generation program and direct marketing strategy.
  • Managed the redesign and rollout of Sigma Micro's corporate, product and service positioning:
  • Established integrated campaign management
    • 130+ campaigns involving telemarketing, advertising, Internet marketing, website, events, direct mail, and trade shows
  • Benchmarked conversions, sales cycle and acquisition costs across campaign types and tactics
  • Restructured marketing staff, outsourced resources and program spending  
    • Immediate 13% reallocation of outsourced marketing funds to higher-ROI tactics
    • Reduced mass marketing spend by 50% to targeted direct marketing



Complex Sales & Lead Generation

  Launched new B2B demand generation program and direct marketing strategy for a software firm targeting mid-tier retailers. In 9 months, the program pilot did this:   Generated 2,600 prospects  Resulted in 580+ opportunities Enabled a 200% increase in software demos Fed a deal pipeline exceeding $14 million.   Created a direct marketing program targeted at public safety and law enforcement buyers that drove $19 million of revenue opportunity along with:   48.5% increase in new system sales in the 1st year Competitive bid awards exceeding $2.2 million 100+ software demos per month 2,000+ qualified new leads  

Branding and Marketing Strategy

  Multi-Channel Market Development International Marketing and Business Development Product Strategy, Marketing and Pricing Models Sales Force and Marketing Operations Automation Strategic Marketing and Business Planning  

Media Relations, Web 2.0 / Social Media Savvy

  Earned $4 million dollars of unpaid advertising in managing and leveraging the 2003 nationally-televised visit of President George W. Bush  Developed and executed a Customer Loyalty and Touch-Points Program, including a packaged community awareness program.   Annual support renewal rates increased from 73% to 87% in 18 months     Formulated a publicity strategy built on leveraging CEO's leadership and industry expertise Secured and authored 15 CEO speeches per year, integrated with post-event lead generation



Bachelor of Arts

Indiana University

School of Journalism (major) and School of Business (Marketing & Advertising minor)

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