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Work History

Jun 2014Mar 2016

Web Application Developer


While contracting at Netjets I helped develop their jet maintenance system. I worked on the full stack of technologies that were employed to build their application. I helped deliver a RESTful grails backend that connected to multiple databases along with a dynamic responsive front end design.  The web application was built to support mobile devices and be able to provide vital information in real time. Our framework for front end construction used Angularjs with bootstrap for styling. This project was also fully test automated with Ruby Cucumber and carried out in an agile environment.

Nov 2013May 2014

Junior Web Application Developer


During my time contacting for Teachscape I aided in building a state management system. This was to be used as a central engine to track the state as users progressed through the application. To accomplish this we utilized a Grails backend with an Angularjs front end. Teachscape used agile methodologies in conjunction with having to work remotely was a great learning experience. Communication was key to remain on schedule while working with a team multiple timezones away.

Jun 2013Jul 2015

Software Consultant

Information Control Company

I joined the ICC team directly after graduating from college. For the first month I was enrolled into a training program that taught me vital skills for success. After the first month I was allowed to work on personal projects to hone the skills I had just learned. During this time I worked on my Ruby Cucumber skills and dabbled in Android development. This time was great for following my passion for programming and learn from some of the great people that worked beside me.  


Aug 2008May 2013

Computer Science Engineering Technology

Toledo University