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About Me

Keith Pickholz is a 20-year marketing and technology veteran. He spent ten years at Microsoft where he created and evangelized the company's vision for interactive television, managed the launch of NBC on MSN, created an automated local information service on MSN, and produced an award-winning infomercial to launch a new hardware product. He has also produced original web sites for a consumer internet start-up, consulted a mobile marketing venture and partnered in a consumer soft goods start-up. Earlier in his career, he served as the assistant to the President of a leading futures brokerage and spent eight years as a currency trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Keith holds a Masters degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University and a Bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College. He also signed Philippe Starck to create a co-branded mouse for MSFT hardware, had the MSN computing channel reporting to him, and created the original MSN small business team. Lastly, he was an original investor in MetaStories, which was founded by someone he hired into MSFT, and was sold to Brightcove.


Paul Bloom

"Keith has added tremendous value to Rouxbe as a marketing consultant. He not only managed the nuts and bolts of multiple research projects, he took the initiative to do some excellent analytical work that helped us develop key insights into our target market. More importantly, he was able to translate these insights into action plans that helped to us to move the business forward. Perhaps the most valuable thing Keith brings to the table is his breadth of experience. Particularly for a startup or new business initiative, Keith's skill at viewing an issue from multiple perspectives, and his ability to do both the hands-on and high-level work, are a potent combination."

Michele Caniato

"Keith was critical in leading the process of securing the collaboration between Starck and Microsoft."

Andrew Kisslo

“Keith was very effective at driving results in a complex cross group effort. He managed the project on time and aligned diverse sets of personalities and opinions into a concise deliverable. We relied heavily on his subject matter expertise to challenge our assumptions and formulate a plan that has become foundational to our approach in Social Media.”



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Work experience

Jan 2008Present

Marketing consultant

Marketing consultant on contract to Microsoft. Created blogger engagement plan for launch of new product. Managed initial event, sourced and interviewed subject matter experts, interviewed data vendors, wrote plan, delivered presentation to stakeholders. Also created messaging frameworks, presentations for various teams. Research project for the MDOP product marketing team. I identified, categorized, and did a gap analysis of all MDOP-related content across MSFT sites, and then made recommendations for how to redesign the existing MDOP sites on the Windows Tech Center. Marketing & vendor management targeting IT pros. Managed redesign of Windows Client Tech Center on TechNet. Interviewed subject matter experts. Managed external design vendor. Edited and reorganized content.
Sep 2010Present

Marketing consultant


Confidential project.

Apr 2010Aug 2010

Marketing consultant

Rouxbe Online Cooking School

Marketing consultant. Created and executed research plan to identify opportunities to increase conversion to paid membership. Used low-cost tools to perform online and in-person usability tests and surveys. Provided strategic direction and guidance on business model and content.

Aug 2009Jan 2010

Marketing consultant

Small team relaunching branded b2b web service with unique technology, customers and revenue. Small team means many hats- project management, sales, strategy, marketing. Lots of fun.

Feb 2007Jul 2007


SecondSpace, Inc
Sourced/hired FTE, contract designers, producer/editor, writers. Mediated between design, management, dev teams. Produced, (2 versions) and in six months.


Mobile marketing start-up
Advised on repositioning company, product and channel strategy, created presentations, pitched to ad agencies, potential investors, and partners.


Consumer product start-up
Product development company that competed for private label design contracts at both international and regional brands. Designed and outsource manufactured own brand of laptop computer bags and accessories. Identified & presented to potential distributors & licensors including Sony, Apple, D&H, independent retailers. Product and competitive research; product strategy.
Jul 1999Feb 2003

Bus Dev Mgr/Ecommerce Mgr, Hardware

Produced all aspects of infomercial which won three industry awards, including Corporate Infomercial of the Year from Electronic Retailing Association. Signed world-famous designer Philippe Starck to develop new products, first time in 20 yr history that group had co-branded a product. Evaluated/revamped division’s ecommerce strategy, including standardizing online merchandising materials, creating web promotions, coordinating internal cross-promotion & search engine optimization.
Jun 1995Jun 1999

Senior Producer/Product Unit Mgr, MSN

Managed the non-entertainment part of MSN. Direct responsibility for Computing channel, including 5 FTE and up to 30 contractors. Started Small Business channel team. Created and managed development of web-based local information product with limited resources to compete with big budget MSFT product. According to SrVP- “Anyone who thinks this isn’t good for Microsoft is an idiot.”
Aug 1993Jun 1995

Program Manager, Future Home Technology

Member and later mgr of team that created interactive TV prototypes to evangelize MSFT’s vision. Personally showed demos to Bill Gates, Paul Allen, annual meeting of Washington Software Association, sr execs from Olivetti, Comcast, Disney, Softbank, Viacom, Nat'l Gallery, many others.
Nov 1981Jan 1990


Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Traded own account, in currency pits. Survived murder (two brokerage employees had a disagreement at a party), fisticuffs (Golden gloves boxer-turned-trader decked another trader), a Federal investigation (undercover FBI agents in the pits- next time they should ditch the thick-soled black shoes), suicides (three people I knew, through various methods), global financial meltdown (the one in '88), and thick cigarette smoke (in the old building, the better trader's lounge went to the smokers). On the other hand, Michael Jordan and I worked out at the same club. 'Cause that's how I roll.




Dartmouth College