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I am an enthusiastic dependable professional with over 27 years of expertise in project management, retail store fixture design, graphic solutions, sourcing, logistics, production, and purchasing.  One of my many assets is my flexibility and ease of multi-tasking under extremely tight deadlines and maintaining a high level of discipline and attention to details.  And now taking on the roll of a craft beer brewery owner.


To excel in a career path by incorporating my project management skills, dedication to project success, my ability to meet critical deadlines while staying focused, remaining energized and always positive.  To deliver the most premium craft beer experience and taste.

Work experience


Owner - Co-Founder

Trinity Forest Brewing Company

Brewery operations, sales, distribution, production, marketing, distribution, ownership.


Blue Bonnet Home Brewing Tasting Judge

Certified Tasting Judge For Annual Homebrew 2016-2018 Competition Event 2yrs

Responsible orgainization of event of over 1100 home brew applicants for the annual event.  Certified tasting judge to taste, judge and promote forward a variety of beer styles for the competition.  Personally sampled over 150 beers in several different categories, analized, judged and promoted the applicant's entry to the grand national championship, 5 state regional competition.


Head Bartender


As head bartender, responsible for general bartending, high volume turn and burn service style for events at American Airlines Center.  Maintained beer stock, alcohol orders, sales, inventory, general bar cleanliness, customer service, food orders, tasting events, staff schedules and related.



The Stoneleigh P Bar

General bartender, handled general customer service and special events, wedding parties, volume sales.  Maintained beer stock, general bar cleanliness, food service sales, crowd management, staff management.


Owner - Private Chef

Three Waves Good Food

Full private chef service.  I own the brand, the company, the website, the social medial.  Responsible for creating a full service gourmet dinner event for up to 10 people.  Menu planning, procurement, delivery, preparation, execution, entertainment, bar service, clean up and billing.

July 2018April 2019 company closed it's doors

Senior Project Manager


A retail full service POP provider for innovative print and display solutions with exceptional production quality.

Responsibilities included:

  • Managed POP Print simultaneously on multiple projects
  • Sourced and Built Internationally displays for store wide rollouts
  • Kitted, Fullfilled and Distributed national rollouts and local projects
  • Traveled and Provided Installation Services, to high profile multi-million dollar job sites
  • Executed Quality Control Checks and visits to international suppliers
  • Ran prototype shop
  • Connected with clients off site and on site
June 2017July 2018

Senior Project Manager

Virainsight Merchandising Solutions

Virainsight is an industry leader in the design, development, fabrication, and installation of complete retail store environments, from branding and signage elements to acrylics, store fixtures, and integration of in-store peripherals to support Omni-channel expansion.

Responsibilities included:

  • Wheeled simultaneously multiple million dollar capital budgeted projects
  • Responsible for Complete project management of store chain rollouts
  • Processed and Tracked all projects from concept to conclusion
  • Produced and Maintained all project margin analysis reports for management
  • Governed Chinese import manufacturers
  • Logistically handled and traced ocean going containers on a daily basis
  • Performed quality initiatives related to projects to ensure success
  • Utilized modern media technology for communication with Chinese manufacturers
  • Directed international installation projects
  • Initiated engineering change requests
  • Worked with ERP system for all project related tracking elements
  • Watched and Interjected tips production to ensure project success
  • Supervised printing press checks
Jun 2009June 2017

Senior Project Manager

Walls + Forms, Inc.

Walls + Forms is a company specializes in the design, fabrication and maunfacturing of retail display systems, modular wall systems, wireless store fixture solutions, and retail signware systems.  For over 20 years, the company has been recognized for competitively priced, high quality fixture display solutions.

Responsibilities Included:

  • Researched and Developed multiple projects involving manufacturing disciplines 
  • Assisted and Supported engineering tasks and details whenever possible
  • Produced training instructional documents via various media outlets 
  • Generated and Purchased graphic elements for projects via Adobe Suite products
  • Checked outside vendors for management during various production phases
  • Negotiated and Obtained pricing from various providers, current and new vendors
  • Arranged optimal payment terms to vendors in favor of company's bottom line
  • Encouraged prototyping whenever possible
  • Supported sales team members in client meetings to help bolster closure rates
  • Estimated and Quoted specific project related items
  • Developed and Executed a project tracking data base system
  • Implemented a project request procedure as a sales tool to aid in new projects
  • Participated in R & D meetings as an expert on display elements
  • Contributed to installations of POP projects and store assemblies globally 
  • Visited clients for project scope determination and sales support
  • Created surveys to obtain essential information for success of project scopes
  • Managed large production graphic print jobs via press checks
  • Sourced new vendors for project related items
  • Attended retail trade shows to keep current in retail display knowledge
  • Demonstrated proficiencies in various media modes for presentation purposes
  • Completed foreign and domestic travel for company related needs
  • Contracted and Governed installation crews for rollouts and store installations
  • Designated as company expert on anti theft security device manufacturers
  • Coordinated and Directed all aspects of special internal projects
  • Educated company expert on interactive displays and touch screen technology
  • Trained and Certified UL 48 online electric signs curriculum course

Project Manager

Creations Global Retail

Creations Global Retail is a company that produces custom store interiors, kiosks, mobile merchandising units, and point of purchase displays.

Responsibilities Included:

  • Ensured all applicable phases of projects are completed accurately and timely
  • Tracked projects back to match project scope and original estimate
  • Set up time lines, schedules and other tracking type methods
  • Collaborated with clients, vendors, architects, mall developers, etc. with ease 
  • Provided technical and/or administrative support when called for
  • Aided in vendor research, to maximize the estimating process
  • Facilitated support on projects, such as sketches, CAD drawings, design direction
  • Helped with assembly of project information, drawings and support documents
  • Supported sales team wherever deemed necessary with respect to project at hand
  • Acted as intermediary between clients and sales team, the essential follow up
  • Managed various finished goods inventories, shipping and inventory reports
  • Directed and Supervised prototype development
  • Utilized personal photography talent to aid in the company's presentation to clients
  • Assisted and edited graphic production for various projects

Project Manager

Southwest Displays and Events

Southwest Displays offered custom exhibit booth design, graphic design, tradeshow management, support services, and setup/dismantle. In addition, extensive experience in retail merchandising displays in a variety of product categories, from foodservice to automotive.

Responsibilities Included:

  • Supervised all phases of exhibit production
  • Researched and designed Point of Purchase displays
  • Established estimates for all projects that I was assigned to
  • Produced CAD and engineering support, 2D and 3D drawings
  • Coordinated logistics when required
  • Scheduled delivery, installation and dismantles
  • Traveled to offsite locations in order to direct projects
  • Managed installation crews
  • Researched vendor resources and supplied information to company for results
  • Developed and maintained relationships with all vendors
  • Assisted sales team by providing support and authority on projects when required

Project Manager

Miramar Designs

Miramar Designs produced dynamic, attention-grabbing, retail solutions for its clients. From designing and engineering, to manufacturing and distribution of in-store advertising systems and Point of Purchase displays.

Responsibilities Included:

  • Modified and managed prototype production
  • Consulted on all projects to align with company internal OEM type production
  • Increased company sales through project management and customer satisfaction
  • Created inventory management tools, spread sheets and related documents
  • Implemented policies and procedures for client accounts to aid in project management
  • Helped with research and design on various client related projects
  • Motivated fulfillment team to enhance production time and to keep project on schedule
  • Negotiated pricing on products and services for projects
  • Completed and provided estimates on projects
  • Interacted with senior management in project direction
  • Generated business strategies for retail solutions

Other Experience:

Ross Dress For Less:  Corporate Headquarters, San Francisco, CA

Store Fixture Purchasing Manager     2000-2001

CompUSA:  Corporate Headquarters, Dallas, TX    

Store Fixture Purchasing Manager     1995-2000

The Limited Inc.:  Corporate Headquarters, Columbus, OH

Special Projects Coordinator and Visual Merchandiser     1990-1994


Music, Foreign Travel, Technology, Photography and Culinary Events