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Work experience

Mar 2003Present


Blake Arnold Construction

Blake Arnold Construction specializes in high rise demolition. I am the foreman on many ongoing projects such as:

  • State issued school remodels 
  • Other state owned modernization projects
  • Private high rise building demolition
  • Mass debris removal
  • Natural disaster cleanup
  • Swimming pool construction

My Responsibilities Include:

  • Notifying the crew of start-times and getting the crew started
  • Completing daily paperwork
  • Reading the architectural plans to define what work needs to be done
  • coordinating dumpster interchange and equipment rental needs
  • Having safety meetings and job hazard analysis paperwork

I have currently been working with the owner to learn how to bid projects both privately and under the state prevailing wage guidelines.

Sep 2005Sep 2008

Operations Supervisor

United Parcel Service

I was promoted to supervisor after only seven months of employment. When working at UPS Bakersfield i ran the trailor unloading. I relocated to UPS San Diego where i ran the package car loading.

My supervising duties included;

  • Filling sick call positions
  • Managing up to 24 employees
  • Motivating my employees to do their best every day
  • Auditing trucks to make sure there were no packages in the wrong trucks
  • Respond to any conveyor belt jams
  • Fill out job hazard analysis paperwork
  • Respond to hazardous material leaking
  • Complete time cards
Mar 2005Sep 2005

Floor Assistant

Glenn And Giordanno
  • Got patients set up with hot or cold packs
  • Sanitized the benches after patients left
  • Put electroplates on patients
  • Final cleaning at the end of the day


Bakersfield college
  • Started my college career at Bakersfield College
  • Competed in Track and Field for two years.
Aug 2009Present

San Diego State University


Bobcat Operation
Trash cleanup House tear-down Swimming Pool Dig Boulder placement
Track and Field
I was the top freshmen in college for hammer throw and 2'nd in the league for discus throwing. I still have the Discus record at Liberty High School.
Metal Working
I make a lot of metal art on my free time. Working with metal and seeing all the variations which are appealing has taught me to think outside the box.
Fitness Training
I am working very hard on my spanish to broaden my capabilities of business abroad. I am taking a strong approach to learn both the language itself and the culture behind the language as i know that culture takes a large part of business in many countries. By learning the cultures in addition to the language, I will be able to keep business practices ethical to their cultural requirements, and stand out among competition to those who can tell that my company and I spark an interest in their customs and traditions.
Micro-computer applications
I am very computer savvy and have a well understanding for both Macintosh and Windows programs. I’ve taken two microcomputer application classes where I have built an advanced understanding of the four major Microsoft programs; Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.  
I have learned motivational techniques to extend employees willingness to do better. I have practice in motivating a large group of employees, face to face motivation, and even sometimes some of my superiors. There are also times i have had to motivate myself.
Construction Plan Reading
Demolition sheets Site plan sheets Plumbing sheets Mechanical sheets Interior/exterior elevations Spec. Documents


Blake Arnold

"I really feel comfortable leaving Keith on the job by himself. He has really good common sense and knows what to do when a solution seems inconceivable."

Keith started out in high school cleaning up trash after school and on the weekends. He eventualy learned how to run the tractor and proceeded from there on. He left for a few years and came back with more of a managerial impression. He taught himself how to read plans through hundreds of questions to various tradesmen and eventually took a class to fill the gaps.

Keith is very impressive in his abilities to run an operation despite the state regulations, danger of the job, and million dollar price tag on these large jobs.

Brandon Beck

Keith was the only employee who hit his numbers on employee hours vs packages loaded.

Keith's paperwork was very thorough and it really helped when corporate did an audit on our job hazard analysis paperwork.

Keith's employees had the best attendance of any other production line. I believe this is a result of his follow up on discipline and his amazing amount of energy at 2:30am when the pre-load begins.


Hard-working, management experienced individual who is up to date with new technology and computer savvy enough to quickly learn newer technology which may assist a companies processes.

I have a history where thinking outside the box was the only way to get the job done. I am a trustworthy employee who is looking for more than just a job. I want to help a company expand globally or if already international, manage the business of international trade and its policies. I have recently become very interested in advertising and how the consumer reacts to the many varieties in the market.

My objective is to begin a career in Global Business management where I can continuously learn skills to improve my understanding of the business, and develop techniques to improve profitability.

Community Service


All things said, i feel that i stand out among other applicants due to my high amount of experience in many trades and many levels of management. I understand what its like to have a process depend on my ability to motivate. I also understand that finishing a project on time is merely a single task to the whole job. In addition to finishing on time, every venture should be finished with perfection and safety to assure that more projects will be on their way. Happy costumers and a clean safety record are two keys to a successful future. 

I have many interests but i am also capable of choosing my path and setting both short term and long term goals. I am really interested in how marketing works and integrating business marketing on a global scale. What works in our country might help sales in Europe or latin America. Whatever the task, i'm anxious to get involved and become a part of the international marketplace that is quickly merging every country in the world, taking the strengths from each province and surpluses of materials from each country and sharing it with the rest of the world. 


Home Remodel, Metal sculpting, marketing, investing, consumer reactions to new technology, the battle between Macintosh and Microsoft, Spanish, German, culture, business, International Business, Off Road vehicles, SDSU, basketball, ultimate frisbee, triathlons, and improving my self.


Bobcat Operation

WestTech Saafety

Forklift Operation

WestTech Safety