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  • Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) - International and local Buffalo/Niagara Chapter Member.
  • Speaker (Podcamp Boston 2) Digital marketing for the Arts
  • Speaker (Podcamp Toronto 2) Digital marketing for the Arts
  • Speaker (SXSW 2008) Chris Brogans Social Media Business Summit
  • Speaker (Podcamp Toronto 3) Social Media Funnel & Social Media Best Practices and ROI
  • Speaker & Founder (Niagara on the Lake Social Media Conference) Inbound Marketing/My Digital Journey
  • Morning Keynote (Social Fresh Conference) Shared Experiences from Best Buy/Community and Marketing.


To make a positive impact, share my expertise, and drive results based on organizational objectives.

I am not looking for a traditional static job, but a role that will leverage my talents, challenge my skill sets, and allow me to excel.This role will enable me to create social media and online digital marketing programs that tie back to business goals and drive bottom line results.


"Keith is one of the most creative and genuine people I have ever met. I have personally witnessed him rise to the top of the social media world and master both the outward-facing (blogging, livestreaming) and behind-the-scenes (networking, business negotiations) facets of running a successful operation, particularly in terms of social media. Yet, unlike many others in this niche, Keith has achieved his success by being a thoughtful and very real person, making him a true asset to any team."

- Marina Martin (TypeAs Inc)

"Smart. Innovative. Dynamic. Contagious. Passionate about the evolution. I consider Keith a mentor and a trusted resource. He has it all: sound business acumen, social media expertise, and is a savvy marketing and PR guy. He is a leader that other leaders most definitely want to follow."

- Shannon Boudjema (Shannon Boudjema and Account Director at Maritz)

"If I were to put together a New Media think tank and Social Media management team, Keith would be one of the very first people I would try to recruit. Keith is brilliant, professional, a pleasure to work with and easily one of the savviest Social Media directors in the US. I highly recommend him to any organization looking for solid Social Media advice and/or leadership."

-Olivier Blanchard (The Brand Builder Agency)

Further recommendations and referrals available upon request.


I am a successful and passionate social media strategist and consultant who delivers value by building, fostering and growing online communities. I have done this in a range of markets from small local arts organizations to large retail technology companies like Best Buy.

While working with Best Buy I fostered the growth of the developer community from less than 100 to over 1400 in just 9 months. I understand social media and online marketing inside and out but more importantly I am able to show and prove business value.

I have a significant following in the social media space through my blog, Twitter and have many influential people in my network. My strengths lie in my passion, work ethic, creativity and business savvy.

I have a proven track record in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), increasing traffic, analytics, identifying key influencers, enabling and managing community, stimulating media mentions, and creating substantial awareness for your social media initiatives.


Media Production
I have advanced skills in audio production and implementation to the digital space. I also have a intermediate to advanced skill level in video production. I have worked extensively with Podcasting, iTunes, and On Site Distribution.
Community Management
There is power in building, fostering and maintaining community within the walls of your digital property. I understand how to grow community, but better yet how to keep them engaged through human interaction and support. This also includes knowing how to find existing relevant communities for strategic partnerships and cross pollination.
Tying Social Signals back to Business Objectives
I have a complete understanding of social media and the culture of people involved as well as the  unique ability to take the non-monetary social metrics (Blog mentions, Micro-Blog Mentions, Traditional Media, Diggs, Stumbles, Comments, Forum Posts, and Peer recommendations) and show relation to bottom line figures.
Media Monitoring
I have extensive experience in monitoring and data collection in the digital space using tools like Radian 6, Google Alerts, and custom built distribution channels.
Inbound Marketing
The Social media space is about adding value to the community, offering valuable resources and converting through specialized products and services. I bring with me the knowledge and the culture base to drive business value while remaining pure to the community.

Work experience


Sole Proprietor - Magic Woodworks

As the sole proprietor of Magic Woodworks I was in control of all operational, creative, marketing, and production duties. Magic Woodworks started as a side business that I did in the analog space. I frequented art shows and festivals to sell my handmade wood art. With my history of having worked on the web I began to take operations on line. I began posting to flickr,  blogging, as well as creating photo documentaries and muti-media programming. Nearly every weekend I would engage an online audience of art buyers, enthusiasts, and people of general interest by live-streaming the production of pieces that I would make by hand. It grew so quickly that I no longer had the time to go out to the analog shows and events as my business flourished in the interactive online space.

Tools Used:

1. Text/Blogging

2. Video (Live stream and Produced)

3. Photo Documentaries (Flickr/Blog)

4. Photography

5. Twitter/Facebook (Communications)

6. Skype (1 to 1 contact)

Aug 2009Present

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Independent Contractor - OddPodz

Oddpodz is a website that has the objective to build and grow  a community of small business, and entrepreneurial minded people. Owner, Karen Post has recently brought me on in a consultant role to help her build the needed infrastructure and provide guidance in the social media space. We are currently working with contractors to update the site and add a community element. We are only a few weeks into the project.

Nov 2008Oct 2009

Social Media Manager

Best Buy Remix

My role with Best Buy Remix was multi-faceted. Charged with growing, fostering and learning from a developer community upon launch of the Remix API platform I was able to expand the developer community from under 100 to over 1400 in nine months. My duties included:

1. Social Media Outreach (Blogger and Community Outreach)

2. External Communications (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Forums)

3. Monitoring, Data Collection and Distribution. (Digital)

4. Internal Relations/Retention

5. Blogging and Writing

6. Marketing Strategies

7. Identifying value propositions for community members.

8. Internal Communications

9. Supervision/Mentoring

I was also a key organizational resource whenever other departments needed consulting in the social media space.


Oct 1991Dec 1992

Medialle College

I went to Medialle for almost two years when family issues forced me to step back from higher education. Since then I have been going to the school of hard-knocks and self-study.