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I have expertise in all aspects of video production.  I am capable of doing it all on small jobs, and on the larger productions I easily manage an ensemble team.  My creativity, organizational skills, and production know how enable me to create videos that look like they cost many times more than they actually do and are delivered on time and on budget.  In addition, I am an expert editor and understand all aspects of the Post workflow.

I have an “eye” and am known for making beautiful images.    My background in cinematography (MFA, AFI), art history (BA, Amherst College) and professional still photographic work helps me consistently create images that inspire.   

Prior to opening up my own production company in 2004, I worked on high budget union feature films as a camera operator, and on independent films as Director of Photography.

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Video Marketing Creative Lead


Oversaw production of new media product promos, trade show sizzles, and tutorials. Acted as producer, director, videographer, graphics supervisor, and editor. Played key role in transforming the look of the company and its products/services by delivering polished presentations.

  • Directed team of 20+ to create feature-length, online OSHA certification training video with interactive quizzes. Ensured top quality production while delivering project on time and well within the $175,000 budget.
  • Dramatically increased sales and brand prestige after producing each marketing video, despite working with limited budgets.
  • Saved $50,000+ in the first year alone after building a shooting space with a white cyclorama and turntable used to shoot scores of company videos. Reduced rental costs.
  • Successfully shot project with a script that jumped up to 30 pages, single-spaced, with no expanded deadline or budget. Completed video in two days and with very high production value, using moving dolly for most shots.
Jan 2010Present


A&E Television Networks

Develop scripts, produce videos, and conduct interviews while engaging audiences with compelling content. Identify and capitalize on cost-effective methods to improve production quality and obtain exceptional guests/interviews. Serve as primary videographer for all of the Digital Media Department’s LA-based projects.

  • Developed 100+ mini-biography videos for Booked and interviewed expert guests, composed scripts and interview questions, set up lighting/grip, operated camera, managed sound/make-up crews, researched stock footage, and created the paper edit.
  • Filmed 200+ different interviews with celebrities and experts from such shows as Project Runway, Storage Wars, Witches of East End, and The Client List. Persuaded name talent, such as Tom Brokaw, to conduct free interviews through personal attention, phone calls, and email communication.
  • Designed layout and features of the new shooting studio; set up interiors and equipment room, devising an organized system for all production equipment. Sourced new camera equipment and backdrops.

Creative Lead (Producer/Dir./DP/Editor)

Keith Solomon Productions

As Creative Lead, I completed dozens of TV broadcast commercials for clients such as Prosperity Bank, Houston Jewelry, and Mary Harris Advertising.  Many of these spots were award winning and all looked far better than you would think if you saw their actual budgets.

Jan 2002Jan 2013

Camera Operator

Various Feature Films (I.A.T.S.E.)

I.A.T.S.E. camera operator, worked on major motion pictures such as Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Cowboys & Aliens, The Number 23, and Tears of the Sun.

Oct 2009Jan 2010



Shot coverage of R&D Open House Presentation; created presentation videos from the footage. Produced 18 video projects ranging in length from 3 to 10 minutes

Jan 2008Sep 2009



Captured and edited great footage of town hall meetings and interviews for new media projects. Provided expert advice on awards/event coverage to generate spectacular online content

Jan 2007Jan 2008



Pitched/researched exciting new story concepts. Directed and scripted projects, supervised crews, and shot/edited footage. Completed projects within extremely tight deadlines. Conceived and created two of the company’s most popular videos, cementing the brand’s reputation as the #1 go-to website for how-to videos.

  • Created 1,000+ high quality, short form new media projects.
Jan 2004Jan 2007

Producer/Director of Photography

The Game Show Network

Developed 20 on-air promos of various television shows, including Casino Nights, Extreme Dodge Ball, Dog Eat Dog, and Poker Royale with James Woods. Leveraged industry contacts to affordably shoot the TV spots on 16mm film.

Jan 2004Jan 2007

Creative Lead


Created numerous promotional and instructional videos for various products. Successfully produced, directed, shot and edited their extremely popular ZOOM! Patient Promo: 28 scenes, 6 fully built sets, 30+ cast/crew members, and two 35mm cameras on dollies – all within a $125,000+ budget.



Still Photography
Professional Studio Portrait and Travel Stock photography


Award-winning producer with an impressive portfolio and record of driving business for diverse industries. Passion for creating sharp, polished, and unique videos that immediately engage audiences. Track record of meeting the demanding deadlines, communicating effectively with cross-functional teams, and leading by example. Dedicated to finding the most cost-effective and creative solutions for all challenges. Known for taking a hands-on approach in directing teams, collaborating with clients, and bringing creative concepts to life. Possess extensive network of industry contacts based on strong relationships.

More about Keith Solomon

I’m a 15-year veteran of the film/video production industry, with deep experience in a variety of senior leadership roles.  Driven by strong story telling and production skills, I pride myself on my ability to visualize rough concepts and transform them into compelling and memorable films and videos.

I currently run my own production company that specializes in creating high quality corporate marketing and training videos as well as special use long and short form content.  Current clients include A&E Television Networks, HealthFirst, Inc. and Banyan, Inc..

Prior to starting my own company, I earned an MFA in Cinematography from The American Film Institute in 1994 and then worked as a freelance Director of Photography for many years shooting a variety of projects.  In addition to the DP assignments, I also worked as a camera operator on several Hollywood films such as Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Cowboys and Aliens and produced a number of corporate projects.

In 2007, I left my freelance practice to take a staff producer position with the top online content company   There, I produced over 1,000 short-form, HD videos.

After closed its U.S. operations, I decided to focus solely on the growth of my own production company.  Originally established in 2004, Keith Solomon Productions, Inc. is dedicated to providing turnkey solutions — not only “shooting” projects but producing, directing and editing them as well.

Keith Solomon Productions, Inc. is built on one simple principle — 90% of a project’s work can and should be done before ever stepping on the set.    That’s why I research, plan and prepare with painstaking attention to detail.  I provide a comprehensive production binder to every department head so they can anticipate and minimize any potential production issues.   Through this outstanding organization and attention to detail, I achieve a level of set efficiency that ensures high-quality work, delivered on-time and on-budget.  Simply put, I sweat the little things so my clients don’t have to.

From light video work to full-scale elaborate productions, Keith Solomon Productions, Inc. has the knowledge, dedication and expertise to deliver your message with media that’s meaningful and memorable.  What story can we help you tell?

I look forward to partnering with you soon!

Core competencies

  • Visual Storytelling
  • Creative Solutions
  • Crew Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Cinematography
  • Editing & Post-Production
  • Problem Resolution
  • Writing & Scripting
  • Media Management
  • Lighting & Grip
  • Still Photography
  • Budget Control