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Work experience


Senior Operations Tech

Wolters Kluwer Inc
Managed production, testing, and development server configurations for developers, QA, and Editorial staff by maintaining multiple environment strings including over 200 physical and virtual servers. Managed server configuration and roles; installed and configured software for content, application, and composition servers and supported proprietary software.(Active Directory, TCP/IP, VMware, SQL, SSIS) Installed in house software, diagnosed problems with configuration, permissions, Active Directory, and configured SCOM monitoring and reports.(Excel, Crystal Reports) Created protocols and documentation for installing all software and hardware configurations including system specifications and registry audits.(AGILE/SCRUM/N-TIER) Coded and managed version control for software releases and distribution. Releases included 5 different environment strings and 100 servers.(ANT/Cruise Control) Coded T-SQL triggers and stored procedures for developer support and data analysis.(T-SQL)

Senior Programmer Analyst

Wolters Kluwer Inc.
Senior Programmer Analyst Designed and programmed in-house software for editorial staff including interfaces, database schema and network communications. Designed and coded output engine to support multiple editorial output streams for online, cd and print products.(Visual C++) Provided in-depth analysis on batch jobs, data and system performance with daily and weekly reporting on key server analytics and data check points.(Excel, Crystal Reports) Coded multiple iterations of key UI and database components running thousands of jobs supporting editorial staff for multiple publishing streams.(SQL Server, C++) Tested and analyzed data, processes, UI's and workflows for redesign of key software for editorial staff. Created systems to log and analyze performance for critical data jobs and modules.(C#, C++) Designed and coded SQL modules and triggers to test jobs and components independent of interface or user intervention.(SQL, PHP, ASP) 510.245.3498· [email protected]· Page 2/2

Programmer Analyst II

Senior Operations Tech Wolters Kluwer Inc.
Programmer Analyst II Responsible for indexing systems and database desingn and schema. Coordinated with editorial staff to design and implement key indexing systems for print and online publications. Coded in-house publishing software to manage pagination and data workflow(C). Designed and implemented Cumulative and Topical database applications for managing indexing and print publishing requirements needs for editorial staff.(PHP, JavaScript) Coded citation indexing system for use in-house editorial staff. System demanded no personell re-training. Ported code from legacy VAX hardware(C) to WinTel platform.(VB, SQL server) Coordinated with IBM developers and designed database system for storage and publication for print on demand system reducing storage and print costs by 50%.(VB.NET) Designed and coded printing modules to correctly produce changed data across content oriented data stores to linear page-driven data stores.

Programmer Analyst I

Senior Operations Tech
Programmer Analyst I Direct contact for editorial and development staff for design of publishing systems and data workflows for print loose-leaf media. Designed, coded and implemented pagination interface and database system to accurately track pagination data workflow.(VB.NET) Ported legacy systems to windows for support print on demand workflows.(SQL server) Created pagination algorithm for minimal page output slashing print costs by 25%.(C main frame)


Control Data Institute

University California Berkeley