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I am a high school student looking to provide service using the skills I accommodate. Also, I am looking to further some skills and progress in them. I am reliable, prompt, and trustworthy. I am willing to help and do my part. I am very willing to learn new things.

Personal Information

Relevant Coursework and Work History

In high school, I have taken a couple courses that could help benefit my work experience. These courses include; General Business, Multimedia Applications, and Interactive Media.   

For various people, I have mowed grass, baled hay, stacked wood, gardened, and took care of multiple pets and animals. 



Class of 2018                                                                             Expected Completion Date

New London Local Schools

Sophomore at New London High School



I am able to catch on to things easily and will get the job done correctly.


I can stay on task easily and focus on the job I am doing to get it done right. 


I happen to try to keep to myself, but if I need to talk to someone, or a person needs to talk to me, I am able to talk to them with confidence. I get along well with people and will always have good business etiquette towards them. 


I preferably like to work alone because I feel more productive but I am still completely capable to work in teams.


Available when requested. 


As a sophomore, I lettered in high school football and track. Also, I play on the New London J.V. baseball team. 

Primary Courses

General Business - Multimedia Applications - Spanish I - Geometry - College English II - American History - Biology