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Constantly striving to learn more in the tech industry.

Work experience

Sometime 2016Present

IT Consultant

  • Consists of ~50 End Users and three offices in total
  • Deployed IT Infrastructure (LAN/VOIP/Security) for DNLT office (physical and logical)
  • Resolved infrastructure and end user issues
  • Various Desktop Support functions
  • Managed IT Infrastructure (Consisted of PfSense Routers/Firewalls, Ubiquiti WLAN Controller+ APs, Yealink/Cisco Phones,  Cisco SG220 Switches, Windows Servers, Linux Based FreePBX/Asterisk Servers, FlowRoute SIP, Google Apps Domain,  MetroFax eFax, AOMEI Backup, GoDaddy Domain Hosting, EZLoanDocs Website CMS)
  • Create and Manage documentation via Knowledge Base using Zoho Wiki 
  • Facillitate the move from an old analog PRI PBX (Nortel Meridian Call Pilot) to SIP VOIP system (FreePBX/Asterisk - FlowRoute)
Feb 2016May 2016

Jr. Systems Administrator

Capcom, Mountain View (Remote Office), CA
  • Provide escalation points where necessary to development team
  • Research and provide insights on optimizing the pre-existing server infrastructures
  • Troubleshoot end user communicated issues and work with team to come to resolutions
  • Analyze infrastructure performance, utilizing a baseline to recognize issues before they are apparent from an end user perspective (Zabbix)
  • Create health condition scripts for Zabbix
Jan 2014Feb 2016

IT Systems Engineer

Intero SV, San Jose, CA
  • Consulted and provided insights with Owner and Operations Manager on how to optimize pre-existing network as well as how to build out the network moving forward
  • Troubleshoot and provide resolutions to end user issues
  • Manage AD and Google Apps
  • Upgrade the pre-existing infrastructure
  • Implement infrastructure for new offices
  • Deployed windows servers in said infrastructures
  • Deploy roles on Windows server (DHCP/DNS/Hyper-V/WDS)
  • Utilized Powershell AD module to script tools for the bulk management of AD users
  • Deploy site-to-site VPN using OpenVPN to obtain connection between offices as well as Chrome RDP one-to-one to connect to servers that only require single user interface
  • Implement VOIP infrastructure (SIP/FreePBX-Asterisk)
  • Consolidated AD and Google Apps OU structure for easier Access Control/GPO/User Management
  • Performed Data Recovery via Google Apps
  • Deploy TeamViewer for remote management
  • Imaged and deployed workstations utilizing WDS
  • Deploy Print Servers for central management
Jan 2014Feb 2016

IT Specialist

CCT Technologies, San Jose, CA
  • Communicate issues with the tech team to produce solutions. Work efficiently with tech team to provide excellent service to end users
  • Educate end users on the usage of devices
  • Communicate effectively to end users on the status of service tickets
  • Manage OUs of Active Directory in order to maintain a clean and easily manageable database
  • Provide technical support for end users of Morgan Hill Unified school District and troubleshoot infrastructure issues
  • Provided escalation points where necessary
  • Support a network consisting of PCs(Win7-8.1)/MACs/Ubuntu/Chromebooks/Tablets/Smartphones/VMware VDI/Thin and Zero Clients (HP and Lenovo)
  • Manage Active Directory and Google Apps/Networking(Cisco)/VOIP(Cisco UCM)/Informacast
  • Documented troubleshooting method as well as resolutions regarding end user tickets
  • Reconfigure VLAN/Trunking on Cisco 3850 switches to resolve issues with Cisco Aironet 1700 APs not being passed the necessary VLAN traffic for different SSIDs
  • Reconfigured 4500x/3850 ACLs to allow SSH traffic from the correct subnets
  • Utilize GPOs to efficiently deploy Applications/Printers/PC settings
  • Troubleshoot PC issues using tools from Sysinternals Suite (Registry Analysis, crash dumps) when needed
  • Troubleshoot networking issues on the client side TCP stack up to the networking devices (Switches -> Routers)
  • Troubleshoot SMART/Sharp/Promethean "Touchscreens"
  • Configure SMTP/IMAP Settings on e-mail clients (Thunderbird, Outlook)
  • Reconfigure Cisco 3850 switch stacks (Active/Standby)
  • Resolved Cisco IOS Versioning mismatch issues that were causing a no start condition at the run config level
  • Implemented graceful shutdown monitor servers (PCNS) using SUSE Linux for Enterprise (SLE) for production VMware Networks (VDIs)
  • Create and Manage users on AD/Google Apps/Cisco UCM(VOIP Phones)
  • Troubleshoot IP speakers and clocks via Informacast
  • Troubleshoot wireless AP issues with WLAN controller (Cisco 5508) VLAN mappings
  • Carried out the deployment of devices suitably configured for end users
  • Deploy Remote App Servers
  • Pushed out applications to Google Devices through Google Apps Admin, and utilized JSON in order to pre-configure them
  • Utilized RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) to manage DCs and Stand alone servers
  • Pushed out applications to managed Android Devices via Google Play
  • Create and close tickets assigned on the ticketing system (OS Ticket)
  • Configure and manage settings on HP Thin Clients using HP Device Manager
  • Troubleshoot Cisco VOIP Phones/Cisco UCM
  • Set up direct calls to Cisco Unity Connection Auto Attendant to allow end users who have access to change the Greetings (Self Service)
  • Manage Lightspeed Web Filter to ensure proper IP channels/Endpoints were established and not being blocked for the wrong users
  • Utilized Bulk User operations for AD/Google Apps
  • Installed/configured/managed Daystar Media Sign
  • Crimped/terminated CAT5/5e cables for usage in MDF/IDFs
  • Punched down CAT5e twisted pairs on RJ45 keystones for usage in MDF/IDFs

Home Lab

  • Wrote scripts(BAT/VBS/Powershell) to automate various Windows functions (Workstation Inventory, Turn workstation into wireless AP, etc.)
  • Various side programming and development projects (mods, TCP/UDP socket connector, internal website with MongoDB interaction) 
  • Utilized Google Apps Directory API to automate the deletion of users inactive
  • Host various servers (Mumble, Media, Games, OpenVPN)
  • Maintain Lab MySQL/MariaDB/MongoDB server
  • Manage/maintain home lab VDI (Hyper-V/V Sphere-ESXI)
  • Utilized Storage Spaces and Tiers (SSD Tier for Writeback cache/hot tier, HDD tier for storage/cool tier) for home NAS
  • Utilized WSUS to manage Windows Updates of lab environment
  • Maintain Lab Domain/DHCP/DNS/Network
  • Utilize Spiceworks/Zabbix and Nessus to inventory and monitor health, network connectivity and security vulnerabilites of workstations (SMTP Notifications)
  • Configured round-robin DNS load balancing on DC
  • Configured NIC Teaming/Bonding(LBFO) on DC
  • Configured RRAS for VPN usage using SSTP (SSL-Self Signed Cert)
  • Configured and utilize DFS Network Shares and GPO to automatically push them out as network drives
  • A few basic Packet Tracer and GNS3 Labs
  • Configured Avast for business
  • Manage Virtual CentOS lab used for RHCSA studies
  • Wrote Discord Bot (Kuma) with C# Wrapper over Discord API to facillitate one way communication from Teamspeak servers to Discord server


Jan 2013Dec 2013

Computer Information Systems

San Jose City College

Completed some coursework in Programming/Networking

Additional Skills

Web Development

Basic XAMPP stack, MERN stack


Basic Java/


Basic Bash/Python/VBS/Powershell scripting


Nov 2013May 2018

CompTIA A+

Pearson Vue

General Foundation for tech. knowledge.

Jan 2014May 2018

CompTIA Network+

Pearson Vue

Foundation for networking knowledge.

May 2015May 2018

CompTIA Security+

Pearson Vue

Foundation for Infosec knowledge.

Jan 2015Jan 2018

Cisco CCNA R&S

Pearson Vue

Foundation for configuring Cisco routers and switches.

Nov 2014Present

Google Apps Certified Administrator


Foundation for managing Google Apps for Work