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Aug 2010May 2014

Bachelor of Arts

DePauw University

While studying philosophy, I focused on the philosophy of religion and value theory (ethics). In religious studies, I have concentrated on the doctrine, theology, and practice of Christianity.

Below are the organizations in which I was heavily invested in my time at DePauw:

  • I have been involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship all four years. I have been a Bible study leader, service coordinator, worship leader and the Large Group Coordinator.
  • During my freshmen year, I became a member of The International Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta. Once I joined this fraternity, I served as the Chairman of Parent Relations and Chairman of Risk Management. Further, I was awarded the Most Outstanding in Morality in 2012 and the DePauw Outstanding Senior Award in 2013.
  • Since its inception my sophomore year, I was a member of the Trap and Skeet Club at DePauw. The club's primary concern was educating and training students regarding the safe use of firearms. The club also hosted regular events at a local conservation club.
  • DePauw is home to a nationally competitive Ethics Bowl team. As an underclassmen, I helped the team during their final weeks of preparation. My senior year, I became a member of the team. This commitment required at least ten hours a week for the first semester to prepare for the regional competition. Our team qualified for the national competition. We then spent about eight weeks preparing for nationals, a commitment of fifteen to twenty hours a week. Participation required team members to research various cases. These cases could involved issues that are highly controversial, like abortion or the separation of church and state, or cases where the ethical dilemma is obscure, such as international patent law.

Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP)

As an ITAP Associate, one must attend events that are part of the Professional Development Series (PDS). I offered to facilitate one of these sessions by leading a discussion on technology's effect on sleep. I read media including blog posts and reports of sleep studies in order to construct a slideshow to use as a visual aid for the discussion. The artifact titled "ITAP PDS - Technology and Sleep" is my original presentation, but I have added a slide for the description and accompanying readings for the discussion.   One of the requirements for the program is that seniors must also prepare a poster to share a major accomplishment they have achieved during their internship or to describe their internship. Since my placement was not well known, I choose the latter. I have attached a digital copy of my poster. In order to demonstrate the effect of audio engineering, I created a slideshow describing the recording process and included sound files so people can hear the difference themselves. I have attached the presentation without the sound files.

Work experience

May 2011May 2014

Recording Engineer

DePauw University, DePauw Audio Recording Services

As a recording engineer, I recorded recitals, concerts, and rehearsals on a regular basis for DePauw's School of Music. Occasionally, I have also been called upon to record outside of the studio, which required setting up recording gear from a mobile unit. Recently, I have been in training in order to assist with producing the School of Music's weekly radio segment.

Aug 2012May 2013

First-Year Resident Assistance

DePauw University, Campus Living and Community Development

As a First-Year Resident Assistance (FYRA), I was one of the first contacts for incoming First-Year students. Other responsibilities included:

  • Mediating conflict between residents which is frequently related to different backgrounds.
  • Providing resources to residents whenever needed.
  • Working with students who feel they have been a victim of prejudice.
  • Attending training to recognize and ignore biases in order to help students, as well as monthly training sessions throughout the year..
Apr 2012Aug 2012

Support Staff and Lifeguard

Camp Wanake

During my time at Camp Wanake, my primary task during the day was to guard the pool. When the pool was unoccupied, I helped facilitate other programming, such as climbing and programming. I also helped extensively with administrative tasks in the office in the evenings and nights. Further, I organized and prepared the space for worship services.


Apr 2010Present

SSI Diver

SCUBA diving


  • DePauw Outstanding Senior Award, Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation 2013
  • Most Outstanding in Morality, Lambda Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta 2012
  • Edward Rector Scholar, Rector Scholarship Foundation 2010
  • Eagle Scout, The Boy Scouts of America 2009
  • David Becker Fellow of the Information Technology Associates Program
  • Phi Sigma Tau, honor society for philosophy majors
  • Theta Alpha Kappa, honor society for religious studies and theology majors

Writing Samples


Slide Show Presentations
Because of my positions with InterVarsity, I have gained a lot of experience creating and presenting from slide shows. I have created a slide show for InterVarsity nearly every week for the several semester throughout my DePauw career.
Word Processors
I have used word processors, and especially Microsoft Word, since junior high. As such, I have become very familiar with some of the more technical features of Word. My recent experience has allowed me to improve my ability to quickly and consistently format documents for a clean, easy-to-read product.