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Jun 2009Present

Bachelor (Hons) in Accountancy

MARA University of Technology

Currently, I still manage to maintain my academic performance although I am actively taking parts in university's and faculty's program. My current CGPA  stands at 3.68.

Jul 2007May 2009

Diploma in Accountancy

MARA University of Technology

During my Diploma, I managed to obtain 3.78 of CGPA and was awarded Vice Chancellor Award during Convocation.

Jan 2002Nov 2006

Malaysia Certificate of Education

Bandar Baru Sungai Long Secondary School
  • Obtaining 6A1 in Malaysian Certificate of Education 2006.
  • Obtaining 7As in Penilaian Menengah Rendah (Lower Secondary Examination) in 2004.
  • Obtaining the Best Student Awards for the Lower Secondary Examination in 2004.


Microsoft Power Point
MS Power Point is an added value to my study. My friends always complimented me for the slide shows that I had done for my group assignments. Not only that, my English lecturer put my slide show as an example for Public Speaking course.
Microsoft Excel
Although MS Excel is not being used as frequent as MS Word, I certainly can apply it to complete my works too. MS Excel helps me to do calculation, tables, Income Statement, etc.
MS Words
As a student, Microsoft Words has become one of my best friends to do my assignments. In order to applying my Microsoft Word knowledge rather than using it during assignments, I always help my friends to solve their problems regarding MS Words.
MR Accounting Software
Mr Accounting was also one of my course syllabus in the university. The students who took Accounting Information System's subject have to learn Mr Accounting Software as it was tested for the Lab Evaluation. I passed the subject with flying colors.
MYOB Accounting Software
Learning MYOB was one of my course syllabus in the university. Since MYOB is under LCCI; the professional body of accounting profession, I undertook the MYOB Level 2 test and managed to get Distinction for the test.
Able to speak in Mandarin
I am now learning Mandarin Language as one of my Third Language subject. I found this language is very popular around the world and as a medium to seek employment in Chinese company. Since Malaysia is a multiracial country, learning Mandarin will be an added value to my ability to communicate with Chinese people in my country and the whole world.


I would like to gain an opportunity to have stable employment after my graduation on December 2011.

I want to posses all the knowledge that I have learnt in the university and contribute as much as I could to the potential employer.


As a student, I am a multitask person. I can manage to handle a few things in one time provided that it is not too much for me to bare.

In addition, I am a very curious person. I want to know how things happen around me and always keep myself updated with the news around the globe.

Furthermore, learning new languages such as Mandarin, Korean, Arabic and any other languages is also my passion. I am looking forward to become a multilanguage person during my employment.

 I also love to surf the Internet during free times and updating my social networking website such as Facebook.


Currently, I am and was actively taking parts in various kind of activities through AFTAS, the organization that I am involved in. There are:

  • Bureau of Gala Night Dinner for Accounting Students Conference (ASC)
  • Bureau of Food for CV Writing and Interview Skills
  • Bureau of Marketing and Promotion for AFTAS
  • Bureau of Multimedia for AFTAS Go Green Campaign
  • Bureau of Planning and Activities for Program Pemantapan Wawasan
  • Bureau of Marketing and Promotion for AFTAS English Week
  • Head of Brain Teaser Activity for AFTAS English Week
  • Committee member of Fast Fingers Competition for AFTAS English Week
  • Bureau of Marketing and Promotion for RHB Islamic Banking
  • Bureau of Marketing and Promotion for Back to Childhood Night
  • Committee member of Telematch for 12th MICPA Accountancy Week
  • Facilitator for AFTAS Crash Course
  • Treasurer of Group A
  • Class Representative of Group A

In addition to those activities, I also have took part in Running competition during FESMEL 2009 and became one of the contingent for Faculty of Accountancy during Interfaculty Sports Event. Not only that, during my Degree, I became one of the volunteers for A Day at National Zoo organized by AFTAS.