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Work experience


Incredible Dave's

Along with working with Catalpa Creek Alpacas over the summer I also, since the summer of 2009, worked for the restaurant Incredible Dave's.  I was a server, which meant I had to know the menu inside and out in order to answer customer questions on the spot, and since we also had a bar, gaming, cafe, bowling, and gaming area I also had to know the prices and special deals for those areas, in case a customer wanted to know the information or needed to buy something from there then I would also take care of that for them along with there food.  I would occasionally have to work private corporate parties, such as YUM brand and State Farm, where I would be in charge of 20 to 40 peoples drinks, food, games etc.  Finally I was also in charge of opening or closing the server areas along with preparing the condiments line.

Farm Hand/ Salesman

Catalpa Creek Alpacas

The reason I left the duration blank is because this has always been a side summer job when I return home to Louisville for the summer break.  Most of my job details included feeding the alpacas and making certain one's where weighed in for the day and any other tasks the farm manager would have for me.  Along with taking care of the alpacas, I was also put in charge to go to certain fairs and sell either products they made, from the alpaca wool, or just sell bags of the wool, which I was given a certain price range and from there had to negotiate with the customers.  Along with selling items I was also in charge of keeping track of the money box and opening and closing the booth.

Aug 2010Present


Pepsi Mid America

I am in charge of not only keeping six stores stocked throughout the week, but if also making the decision on what certain should and shouldn't be ordered and how much of each product I will need for the day or week.  Along with keeping the shelves filled, it was also my job to try and communicate with the managers of the grocery stores to see if we could add displays in different areas of the stores.


Aug 2008Present


Murray State University


Growing I was involved with a number of athletics, mainly football and baseball, but the the one thing that made me unique was my ability to communicate.  Whether on a sports field or in job setting most people that I have been around have always come to me for the answer or why some one isn't performing and from there I would give an answer or have the ability to confront the person to make sure they know what there are doing wrong and how to fix it.  I have always prided myself on holding a leadership type of role, good or bad, in position and what most people find different about me is that if something is going wrong and no one knows how to fix it, it is my first instinct jump on it instead of shying away from it and letting someone else handle it.


Stuart Ray

Scott Spry

Don Lawrence

Ashley Green



Most of interests include the outdoors.  I enjoy hunting and fishing, as well as a nice peaceful round golf.  I am also a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity where I held the office of risk managment.  I also have recently picked up the sport of rugby and play on the club team at Murray State University.  During the winter time also enjoy skiing any chance I get, because I have been skiing since I was nine years old.