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Associates Degree

Community College of the Air Force

Bachelors Degree

Bellevue University

Masters Degree

Ashford University

Blessed with a 4.0 GPA


Microsoft PowerPoint
Prepares graphic presentations to stand-alone or accompany speech deliveries.   Creates presentations that incorportate format, color, and movement to enhance understanding of material without drawing attention away from important information to the graphics.   Include documents, tables, charts, graphic images, and audio-visual files in the presentation to facilitate the passing of information.   Produce handouts and speaker notes to accompany presentations.   Format transitions between slides to be timed (which works best for stand-alone) or to be speaker-controlled.  Formats information within a slide to be timed or speaker-controlled.
Microsoft Excel
Expert in Microsoft Excel 2007.  Use it to track virtually all financial records.    Use column width/row height, font selection, colorization, Wrap Text, and Merge & Center to produce visually appealing products for printout, inclusion in Powerpoint presentation, insertation into Word documents, or attachment to e-mail.    Took graduate-level courses in Managerial Accounting, Marketing Management, Corporate Finance, and Managerial Economics,  Achieved an A in all classes in courses that took me to extraordinary lengths and use of Excel.   Use the wide range of formulas available to create things as simple as a monthly balanced financial statement; more complex as a determination of Net Present Value or Return on Investment; or as significantly complex as Activity-Based Costing, Cost Behavior analysis, and Log-Linear Regression Models on which to base decisions about the effect of increases/decreases in prices on future annual earnings. 
Organizes information to provide for the protection, systematic and categorized maintenance, easy retrieval, and archiving of information transiting or held under my control.   Organizes work to follow ABC prioritization and maintain focus on tasks that matter most.  Advocate and user of the Franklin Planning System.   Organize work area, work traffic lanes, and workflow for greatest efficiency and productivity.  
Microsoft Word
Routinely and regularly use Microsoft Word 2007.  The fount of corporate knowledge about its use and application.   Use font selection, page and paragraph setup, and writing skills to formats information creating visually appealing letterhead, footers, etc.    Insert charts and graphs from Excel (or other files).  Insert tables, pictures, graphic images, etc. to better-communicate information and data.   Uses mail merge to create individualized letters and envelopes of "canned" information.   Uses Word to overprint virtually any Avery product from file labels to data CD labels and case inserts, to mailing labels.

Work experience

Oct 2010Present

Call Center Service Representative

OneWest Bank

Trained customer contact representative providing home mortgage services.

  • Expert on banking laws and guidelines.
    • Can guide borrowers through all processes, keeping them informed about the status of any concerns about their home loans.
  • Informative to customers needing knowledge about options available and decisions needed.
    • Can provide information in such a way that borrowers understand the complicated processes involving in determing interest and payments, understanding escrow accounts, bringing delinquent accounts up to date affordably, modifying home loans, and avoiding foreclosure.
  • Explains and sets up affordable repayment plans to stop foreclosure, avoid late charges, prevent negative credit reporting, and eliminate payment transaction fees during the repayment periods.
    • Counsels borrowers on repayment plans that are affordable or, if circumstances have made payment of current amounts unaffordable, on home loan modifications.
  • Guides borrowers through internet sites to download home loan modification applications
    • Povided customers with knowledge needed to correctly complete applications and include proper documentation necessary for applications to pass review process.
    • Puts heavily stressed borrowers at ease and makes them comfortable with applying.
Aug 2002Mar 2009

Aerospace Science Instructor

Battle Creek Public Schools

Taught in and co-managed a high school Air Force Junior ROTC program that, thanks to school budget constraints, no longer exists.

Organized and operated the JROTC offices, including controling all information. 

  • Maintained student and Corps records in paper copies, on a school database, and remotely on the Air Force's database. 
  • Protected the student personal information. 
  • Tracked and inventoried government property including computers, peripherals, textbooks, and cadet uniforms.

Maintained the financial records for government-provided, school-provided, and student-raised funds. 

  • Provided the necessary attention to detail to ensure meticulous records were kept and all reports to government or school matched their records to the penny.

Communicated the goals, efforts, and success of the corps and individual students

  • Delivered public presentations on the Corps mission, goals, and activities to civic groups and school assemblies.
  • Prepared all outgoing correspondence.
  • Met face-to-face with parents and students interested in the program
  • Conducted Parent/Teacher conferences, convincing parents and students to work together.
  • Taught academic lessons, survival courses, and physical conditioning. 
  • Coordinated and supervised community service activities. 
  • Trained the Drill & Ceremonies teams and supervised practices and event participation.
Oct 1974Aug 2000

Senior Master Sergeant

United States Air Force

Career was split between office administration/information management/executive support functions and instructor duty as member of faculty and staff at the Air Force Senior NCO Academy.

As Office Administrator/Information Manager:

  • Protected the privacy and confidentiality of information transiting my area of responsibility.
    • Entrusted with a high-level security clearance and selected to do multiple investigations into security practices. 
  • Achieved by-name recognition in base-wide inspections because of inability of inspectors to find any discrepancies in our operations or processes. 
    • Garnered organizational recognition for ensuring all outgoing correspondence adhered to the Accuracy/Brevity/Clarity format while achieving its purpose of effective communication of ideas.

As Executive Administrative Support:

  • Recognized for exceptional handling of sensitive information, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of office services, and effectiveness of supervision and development of subordinates. 
  • Scheduled Executives' time and provided perfection of travel arrangements, including filing travel vouchers.
  • Trusted to control the distribution of all incoming documents to ensure Executive saw what was necessary and lower-level divisions got on Executive's schedule to review other information.
  • Prepared and attended all meetings and provided agendas beforehand and meeting minutes afterward.

As Instructor at the Senior NCO Academy:

  • Built teams in a corporate training type of environment that worked together to achieve group and individual success. 
  • Re-wrote the Academy's book on Effective Writing and taught fellow instructors how to present the lesson. 
  • Spoke with competence and confidence in front of entire Academy of 350+ students on multiple occasions.  Selected as the emcee for a formal evening meal and graduation ceremony attended by over 3,000 people.




Senior Executive Support


Trained, experienced, and motivated to apply skills, integrity, and dedication in support of Executives.Education and years of application produce skills consistently called upon to earn public praise and recognition from past Executives served.Immediate and significant improvement to office efficiency and cost-effectiveness.Communicator in both written and oral media.Computer software expertise.


Team Success: 

  • Success of the organization reflects well on all members. 
  • Success of the individual reflects poorly on the individual and on the organization. 
  • It reflects poorly on the individual because s/he did not credit those who helped him or her achieve the individual success or else it would have been group success.  It reflects poorly on the organization because it does not promote group success and recognizes the individual success that contributes to poor employee morale and the subsequent inferior productivity.

Accordingly, I have studied team development, team dynamics, and building team cohesiveness and productivity.

Top Secret/SCI

U.S. Air Force