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Work experience

Mar 2008Feb 2009

Sr. Vice President, Global Operations

  • Responsible for the operations of this venture-backed start-up. SmartDrive designs, builds, manufactures, and deploys in-vehicle video cameras that provide data for a Measured Safety solution delivered via Software-as-a-Service. Company provides this service to customers around the globe.
  • Built a senior operations leadership team through hiring, promotion, and mentoring. Through them:
    • Established processes for inventory forecasting and manufacturing planning
    • Oversaw attainment of ISO 9001 certification at manufacturing facility in China
    • Established US-wide network of 3rd-party installers; increased capacity 500%
    • Oversaw selection and establishment of a new BPO review center facility in India
    • Sponsored development of daily customer health reports to enable proactive identification of system problems, aide troubleshooting of issues, and facilitate resolutions by Engineering
    • Reduced cost of Customer Success team by moving support functions to India
    • Upgraded quality, enhanced reliability, and tripled capacity of SaaS infrastructure
Mar 2004Mar 2008

President & General Manager (for @Road, Inc.)

Trimble Mobile Resource Management/@Road, Inc.
  • Responsible for the operations of this global division of Trimble Navigation Ltd. @Road designs, builds, manufactures, and deploys in-vehicle GPS Tracking systems. Delivered the solution via Software-as-a-Service model, with over 200,000 subscribers across the globe. Also provided enterprise-class, automated, real-time routing and scheduling software with over 35,000 users around the world
  • Rebuilt a senior leadership team after departure of founder and majority of senior executives following acquisition of @Road by Trimble.Through this team accomplished the following:
    • Delivered $100 million revenue; $12 million profit in 2007; followed loss in 2006
    • Largest quarterly activations in company’s history – over 20,000 deployments
    • Implemented new sales process using “ValueSelling” methodology and training
    • Drove implementation of Lean Six Sigma projects to improve / streamline processes
    • Oversaw comprehensive reimplementation of ERP to enable new automation, reporting, and more efficient business processes

Sr. Vice President, Customer Operations (for @Road, Inc.)   Fremont, CA, USA    July 2005 - February 2007

  • Responsible for manufacturing, distribution, installation, and support of the company's Mobile Resource Management products and Field Service Automation enterprise-class software. This was a global position with support and implementation centers in the USA, UK, India, and Australia.
  • Restructured organization; built a senior leadership team through hiring, promotion, and mentoring. Through them achieved the following:
    • Significantly reduced cost of the Customer Success organization by moving appropriate functions to India; however increased service levels through resulting headcount increases
      • Cut customer churn by 60% within first two quarters onboard
    • Used portion of savings above to build Program Management, Project Management, and Solution Architect roles within Professional Services, allowing creation of a “Best Practices” methodology for implementation of Strategic customers
      • Pilot conversion rate more than doubled as a result
    • Drove implementation of an on-line Customer Satisfaction Survey system to support company’s ISO-9001 quality measurement program
    • Was Executive Sponsor for company’s entry into Australia. Established senior-level relationships with key customers and partners in the new region
    • Ensured UK organization achieved ISO-9001 TickIT recertification

Sr. Vice President, Operations (for Vidus Ltd)     Ipswich, United Kingdom                    March 2004 - July 2005

  • Responsible for the design, development, implementation and support of the company's Field Service Automation software. This was an internationalized, enterprise-class software application that offered significant ROI and improvement to internal business processes through automated scheduling / dispatch
  • Created an operations senior leadership team through mentoring and team-building.Through them:
    • Oversaw the development of a significant, new Planning module for taskforce (Field Service Automation application) in an accelerated time frame.Was able to do so and still maintain quality and existing customer commitments
    • Restructured entire Professional Services team; established and hired Managing Consultants/Practice Managers to improve customer and implementation management; realigned functions to improve delivery
    • Restructured Customer Support team; realigned functions to improve quality of customer support services; oversaw implementation of an automated CRM
    • Overhauled reporting and forecasting process; implemented new internal systems to improve visibility into utilization, costs, and Professional Services sales pipeline
    • Achieved ISO 9001 TickIT recertification for application development team
    • Instituted new pricing and bundling of value-added services into premium offering
    • Supported company's entry into the USA; successfully implemented first customer there
Jan 2003Jan 2004

Sr. Director, Professional Services, EMEA

Sybase Europe
  • Led the delivery of consulting and education services to customers across EMEA
  • Responsible for 250+ consultants, trainers, and full-time contractors in 11 countries
  • Created an EMEA-wide Professional Services leadership group through team-building.Through them:
    • Initiated cost reduction program to return regions to profitability; resulted in doubling of profits from fiscal year 2002 to 2003
    • Overhauled reporting and forecasting process; implemented new internal systems to improve visibility into utilization, costs, and Professional Services sales pipeline
    • Ensured organization achieved ISO-9001 TickIT recertification
    • Increased the sales pipeline by more than 100%
Jun 2000Jan 2002

Sr. Vice President & Executive General Manager, EMEA

Mincom International
  • Led the sales and implementation of Maintenance Management software to customers across EMEA
    • Increased Net Revenue 26% and Net Contribution by 15%; EMEA was the most profitable region during fiscal year 2001
    • Established a translation and technical support center in Prague, providing coverage to Europe, Russia, and the Middle East
    • Increased the sales pipeline by more than 100%
    • Led the company’s entry into Russia, Kazakhstan, Central Europe, and Middle East
    • Oversaw closing of first new contracts in Russia and Czech Republic
Dec 1998May 2000

Managing Director

ECsoft (UK) Ltd
  • Led the sales and delivery of a wide range of IT services to customers in UK, Europe, and USA
  • Responsible for 300+ employees in 6 offices across the UK
    • Delivered £26 Million in profitable revenue
    • Rebuilt the sales force from five to fifteen reps in six months; increased sales pipeline over 400%
    • Reorganized company from functional into product-oriented lines of business to improve focus and accountability
    • Overhauled reporting and forecasting process; implemented new internal systems to improve visibility into utilization, costs, and Professional Services sales pipeline
    • Led the company’s entry into the USA marketplace; oversaw signing of first major contract there
Feb 1993Dec 1998

Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Singapore

Indus International (formerly TSW International)
  • Led the sales and implementation of Maintenance Management software in Asia Pacific
  • Responsible for 75+ employees in 4 countries, including Australia, SE Asia, and Hong Kong
  • Led the company’s strategy to target Japan; oversaw signing of first major contract there

Sr. Vice President, Professional Services (TSW) Atlanta, GA, USA                   February 1996 - August 1997

  • Led the delivery of software implementation services to customers around the world
  • Responsible for 160+ consultants, educators, and full-time contractors 
  • Increased profitability from -10% to +40% in 15 months by focusing on utilization, billing rates, and increasing average deal size for Professional Services

Sr. Vice President, Application Development (TSW) Atlanta, GA, USA           February 1993 - February 1996

  • Led the global development of Maintenance Management application software
  • Responsible for 100+ developers, testers, and product marketing in the USA, UK, and France
  • Led development of the company’s core product into an object-oriented architecture
Jan 1988Dec 1992

Director, Eastern Region Consulting

Oracle Corporation
  • Led the delivery of ERP implementation and general technology consulting services to customers in the eastern region of the USA
  • Responsible for 180+ consultants in 5 offices from Boston to Atlanta
  • Increased billable utilization from 45% to 75%; resulted in profitability increasing from -3% to 35%

National Consulting Manager, US Air Force  Bethesda, MD, USA                    January 1988 - February 1991

  • Led the delivery of general technology and custom application development services to U.S. Air Force customers
  • Built a group of more than 30 consultants in 4 offices across the USA
  • Practice was the highest revenue producer for the DoD consulting group 1989 and 1990
Aug 1984Dec 1987

National Account Representative

Control Data Corporation
  • Sold and managed implementation of CRM software to major accounts in the Northeast
  • Solution delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model
  • First year on quota sold first new-name business for my region in over three years
  • Achieved Quota Club 1985 and 1986
Aug 1972Aug 1984


United States Navy
  • Enlisted as an Electronics Technician
  • Was selected for the U.S. Naval Academy from the enlisted ranks
  • Achieved Surface Warfare Officer designation
  • Served on Guided Missile Cruiser (USS Biddle CG-34) and Battleship (USS Iowa BB-61)
  • Communications Officer and Turret (Gunnery) Officer
  • Achieved Commander in U.S. Navy Reserves



  • Active, outdoors-oriented individual
  • Enjoys backpacking, cycling, x-country skiing
  • Lived and worked internationally:  Singapore [16 months]; UK [7 years]


• General Management

• Professional Services

• Customer Service

• Software Development

• Software-as-a-Service

• Venture-backed companies

• Vehicle-based mobile solutions

• Manufacturing

• Activation and Fulfillment

• Inventory management

• Routing & Scheduling solutions

• Mobile hand-held systems

• Maintenance Management systems

• ERP and CRM solutions

• Custom Application Development

• Business Intelligence solutions

• IT Services


A Senior General Management and Software Operations Executive, who excels in building profitable organizations for high-growth mobile and enterprise-class software companies; highly regarded by Boards and Venture Capital firms for whom he’s worked.


  • 25 years Software and Services Operations experience including more than 5 years as a General Manager, driving long-term profitable growth through revenue generation and cost management, and leading operations teams in the USA, Europe, Asia Pacific and in emerging markets including Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • Has been overachieving budget consistently; delivered over $100 million revenue and a net profit of $12 million for a SaaS company following its acquisition by an industry leader; doubled profits year over year for a European software services organization.
  • Has reduced customer churn by as much as 60% for SaaS companies through development of metrics-driven approaches that give early warning of customer satisfaction issues and concerns.
  • Has experience in opening up new foreign markets for mobile solution and enterprise software companies through the establishment of direct sales teams and system integrator partnerships.
  • Consistently builds software services organizations that are profitable, scalable, and deliver excellent customer satisfaction; grew a professional services team from 85 to over 140 while increasing profit from a net loss of $1 million to a net profit of $7 million, and delivered several key customer reference accounts.
  • Led enterprise-class software application development teams, and drove implementation of quality systems including ISO-9001 TickIT, Lean Six Sigma, and Kaizen projects.
  • Has excellent leadership, communication, and team management skills with a clear focus on metrics and key issues which impact business performance.