Kenneth Cherven

Kenneth Cherven


To produce compelling analysis and visualizations that help drive insight and action, and to constantly improve my skills through the adoption of new methods and tools. I want to see the world of analysis become more visual, regardless of the underlying data set, so that information becomes more attractive and accessible for all users.


In addition to analysis and visualization, Ken likes to spend time listening to jazz, attending family activities, cooking, drinking wine, and sampling the output of Michigan microbrews.


Ken is a highly skilled, motivated, and creative information analyst and visualization professional. He has a broad skill set that encompasses not only traditional business standards such as Microsoft Office, Cognos, and SAS, but also a wide range of open source tools such as d3, RapidMiner, Orange, SpagoBI, JasperServer, and BIRT.

I believe learning should be a lifelong pursuit, so I am always seeking ways to expand my expertise. This may come from learning new skills such as a programming language, or from proficiency in learning and using new tools. In addition, it is critical to be exposed to multiple influences and viewpoints; this can be done by reading new publications in print or on the web.

Many examples of my work are displayed on the Visual-Baseball Project website, where the examples include reports, analysis, and visualizations using a variety of open source tools and approaches. Many recent examples focus on interactive visualizations, using some of the best open source javascript toolkits, including Exhibit, Timeline, and d3.




Have presented results to all levels within a large company - from small workgroups through company president. Able to develop compelling presentation material supported by thorough analysis and understanding of the topic.

Statistical Analysis

I have periodically utilized a variety of stat techniques, including sample size analysis and measurement, logistic and multiple regression, factor analysis, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, correspondence analysis, and multi-dimensional scaling. My greatest strength lies in understanding when to use each method, and how to interpret and present the results.

SQL Coding

I have many years of experience using SQL across multiple database platforms - Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL, with a focus on developing reports and running ad hoc queries.

Website Development

My web development skills are largely self taught, and cover a spectrum of technologies and approaches, including HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. I have developed and administered my own Java-based site using Tomcat and Liferay since 2008.

Data Visualization

I have considerable experience creating data visualizations using a variety of tools. My goals are to present the data accurately while also drawing attention to the most critical insights. 

Work experience

Work experience
2003 - Present

Sr. Analyst

OnStar by GM

My work at OnStar has involved many areas of the business, including subscriber retention, service usage patterns, campaign response measurement, subscriber loyalty, and hundreds of special projects.

Over the course of my time at OnStar, I have used a variety of tools to successfully handle hundreds of requests, including Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, PowerPoint, SAS Enterprise Guide and Enterprise Miner, Cognos PowerPlay and Cognos 8. In addition, I have mentored others within the company on using Excel and other tools to become more productive.

Most recently, I have been seeking to drive the analysis in a more visually-oriented direction, using any and all tools at my disposal.

2002 - 2003



Worked as a campaign analyst, analyzing and presenting results to senior management. Used a range of tools including Cognos PowerPlay and Impromptu, Excel, and PowerPoint.

2001 - 2002

Forecast Analyst

Marketing Systems America

Developed automotive sales forecasts using proprietary tools.

1995 - 2000

Sr. Analyst

The Polk Company

Analyzed and presented results on new and used vehicle sales, as well as vehicle park information.




Michigan State University


Oakland University