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Born in Seattle, Washington, Dr. K C Yee is a well-loved and highly prominent professor at the University of Ahmadu Bella School of Medicine. His many students past and present know him to be an inspiring lecturer on various classes that include: Tissue and Organ Biology; Reading in Biological Structure; Cytology; Macromolecular Structure; Laboratory Rotation in Biological Structure; and Histology in Biomedical Research. He hopes to motivate his students to assist in his current major projects that include: ontology-based visualization of 3-D anatomical scenes utilized in virtual worlds; image annotation employing semantic-web methods; semantic web-based exploration of creating views and web-service access to large ontologies. Dr. Yee has worked hard to obtain funding in worthy application areas including distributed anatomy education in virtual worlds, brain mapping and proteomics.

Currently, Dr. K C Yee has been doing research focused on exploring methods to enhance phenotyping of patients through EMR databases. He aims to carry this out through the employment of time intervals and temporal abstractions to define and distinguish patient cohorts. Aiming to develop better ways to interact with individuals and patients, he works hard to carry this out strategically between healthy individuals and medical visits. Dr. K C Yee hopes to be able to develop systems that will enable patient monitoring in palliative home care. He also wants to explore the study of the strategic use of social networking sites for public health practice and research.

Dr. Yee is constantly sought after by students to consult on their Master’s Theses and Doctoral Dissertations and to work closely with them in developing research proposals. His students trust his thoroughness and strong discipline, and Dr. K C Yee has never been one to disappoint those who go to him for assistance and motivation. A doctor inside out, Dr. Yee has cultivated a deep passion for what he has been doing for decades, teaching and research.