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Mint is a Financial Management tool that helps auto-balance and auto-categorize your personal finances.

When starting off your new goal to financial success, you must first organize. You must know where your hard earned money is going. Mint is able to categorize your expenses to help give you an outlined visual of exactly how you are spending. This tool will help you understand how to prioritize between needs and wants.

Mint is ranked in a Easy to Use category.  Researching this web-tool in depth gave me insight as to how convenient managing your finances can be. For example, this tool is available as an application on your android or i-phone. It is a simplistic way to stay informed with decisions you will want to make when in action.

When managing so many different accounts, Mint can keep you updated and organized with each and every account. Mint will add value not only for a students financial decisions, but on the time spent trying to organize and categorize account information on their own.

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Goal for it is a tool that helps keep you organized when setting personal goals. Goal for it can help students stay on track when making short or long-term goals such as finance, lifestyle, career goals and more. Daily goals and habit charts make it easy to review and progress so students can stay focused and organized. This tool is as simple as keeping a written journal at home. Using Goal for it is a lot more resourceful than just writing in a book. Learning the advantages of this site is that you can create a network of friends and family along with other users to help encourage you. Selecting categories such as finance will show you other peoples goals and advice given on how they are planning or did achieve their goal that may be similar to your own. This tool will help students stay focused, helping to perform a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle.


Quiken is another financal management web-tool that brings all of your accounts together in one place. Showing you how much money you really have, where your money is going and how to live on a budget.

This tool helps you manage accounts such as basic checking and savings, credit card even paypal accounts.

Quicken has a specific money managment product that would fit best for you and your needs. Helping you save more and spend less, Quiken helps you set goals and achieve a new way of living.

I would like to become more familiar with Quicken and the different money managment products to see how simular or different the product is set up by subject manner. The Quicken products do cost money, but in the long run the benefits will pay for itself.



Smarty Pig is an online piggy bank. Free and easy to use, Smarty Pig helps keep saving for wanted items at ease. This tool allows you to see all categories that you are saving for and lets you chose the amount of money that you would like to enter towards each saving. Saving for specific financial goals like a wedding, a vacation or a flat-screen TV can be made simple with this web-tool. You can chose to set up automatic withdrawals through bank accounts or transfer money when you decide. I learned that you can also share your saving goals online with friends and family so that they can help contribute towards your savings.This account will also give you an exact estimate as to how much money has to be put away on a monthly basis so you can prepare.The advantage to using this tool is that every saving item is a separate account. When you try to manage your savings for multiple items with one basic savings account it makes it more difficult to keep your financial goals in order. As a student I would see this tool as a great way to manage wants between needs. Setting a goal and keeping yourself on track will help with those sudden urges to buy.