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Work experience

Feb 2001Present

Delivery expert

Domino's Pizza

Worked inside the store from February of 2001 to December 2003.

Responsibilities included:

Taking customer orders over the telephone and entering them into the computer.

Working on the make-line to prepare customer orders which included:

Reading and interpreting the customer orders off of the computer screen.

Preparing the dough by hand.

Neatly saucing the pizzas.

Placing the right amount of cheese and toppings on the pizzas.

Other responsibilities included:

Cut the pizzas.

Prepared the side items.

Assisted in routing the deliveries by determining which orders would go together with each delivery driver.

Assisted in preparing the weekly work schedule.

Received the weekly Coca-Cola orders and entered them into the computer.

Entered the Dominos' food shipments into the computer and rearranged the food in the cooler.

Handled money.

Opened and closed the store.

Co-led school tours.

Met deadlines for timed orders.

Followed food safety guidelines.

Assisted in training new employees.

Assisted in the preparation for health inspections and corporate inspection.

Worked as a delivery expert from December 2003 to present.

Responsibilities include:

Driving safely and following all of the safety laws.

Handling money and using basic math skills to quickly determine a customers' change. 

Knowing all of the delivery area.

Closing the store.

Completely cleaning the store at night.

Delivering customer orders on-time.

Answering phones and folding boxes.


Jan 2012Present

BS in Human Environmental Science

University of Alabama
Dean's list in the spring of 2012. GPA: 4.0 19 total hours. Currently taking 17 hours.


Working under stress
Working in the food industry can be very stressful.
Dealing with deadlines
Meeting timed orders for customers.
Navigation skills


Danny Tassara

James Midgette


Health-oriented, results focused individual with a strong passion to help others.


Continue to work hard in school and then use my knowledge of nutrition to contribute to any company.


Short-term goals:

Graduate from college with honors.

Work in a clinical setting.

Long-term goals:

Advance in my career to a supervisor position.

Assist others in advancing their nutrition careers.


Work philosophy:

Be punctual, work hard, and take pride in everything you do.



National Restaurant Association