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Keith Barrows

Veteran .NET Architect/Developer


  • 20+ year career of maintaining profitable business through consistent performance of high-quality, on-time, on-budget projects.
  • Developed a number of solutions based on .NET and/or COM technologies both as a team lead and as a team member.
  • Implemented many successful B2B and B2C solutions using work flow and content management methodologies.
  • Architected several successful Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business Process Automation (BPA) systems utilizing the latest Server based offerings like BizTalk, Content Management Server, SQL Server, etc.
  • Designed and developed several database solutions utilizing leading RDBMS systems.
  • Recognized by Microsoft as both an ASP.NET MVP and ASPInsider for mentoring countless developers world wide as well as moderating .NET and SQL Server based news groups, forums and email lists.


Veteran .NET developer who loves everything server-side.  Database, micro-services, REST, OpenId, OAuth, in the cloud or on prem.  Looking for remote work to support a transition to South Florida.

Work experience

Apr 2004Present

Owner / Sole Propreiter

Barrows Software Solutions, LLC

Owner, President, Solutions Architect/Developer and Janitor all wrapped up in one. Specializing in Microsoft based solutions for Enterprise Application Integration and Business Process Automation. Engagements include:


  • Consulted in a Sr. Developer role building up multiple micro-services in a greenfield project.
  • Stood up a custom Identity Server based Security Token Server to integrate the client’s Active Directory based Domain Users with OpenId/OAuth tokens. This allowed the other developers a consistent way to integrate Authentication and Authorization into the various applications
  • .NET Core 2, SQL Server 2013, C# 7.

Ball Aerospace

  • Consulted in a Sr. Developer role. Reworking older Line of Business apps, rolling in a more standardized internal framework and unifying separate applications into the same approach.
  • NET 4.5, Entity Frameworks, MS SQL Server.

BI Inc.

  • Consulted in an Architect and Sr. Developer role.
  • Introduced several key technologies like Identity Server for security using OAuth2 and OpenID and extending it for a full Enterprise security token server.
  • Moved logging to a powerful structured event data model as well as prototyping a full SOA stack implementation.
  • NET 4.5, Web API, Entity Frameworks, MS SQL Server.


  • Business Process Automation and Enterprise Application Integration applications.
  • Connected to multiple 3rd party services via web services, sockets, FTP as well as internal connections via Entity Frameworks and file I/O.

Six Actual Software

  • Multi-tiered transaction pricing engine for TransUnion.  MySql, Entity Frameworks, ASP.NET+API.

Parsons Brinkerhoff

  • Worked on several EAI applications, rolling data in from different management systems used in Civil Engineering. These included budget, management, project management, risk management, safety management and other sources of data as required from time to time.

Policy Studies Inc.

  • Worked on the Health Marketplace for the state of North Carolina. Includes work with WWF and a MVC patterned website as well as file imports and mapping.


Feb 2017Feb 2018

Senior Developer

  • Worked in a Sr. Developer role. Integrated a structured, event data logging solution.
  • Developed several custom importers for very large HR data loads.
  • Participated as part of the Response Team improving client satisfaction.
  • NET, SQL Server, Serilog, Seq

Jun 2009Jan 2012

Solutions Architect

Mister Money / RivWorks

Responsible for designing and developing integrated ideas in a fast paced, marketing driven environment.  Provided widgets to 3rd party websites that integrated our system into their websites for the delivery of video and negotiation capabilities.

ASP.NET 3.0/3.5/4.0 with WCF, LINQ for XML, Entity Frameworks, IIS 6 & 7, SQL 2005/2008, Visual Studio 2005, 2008 & 2010

Jan 2008Dec 2008

Development Manager

Watson Wyatt

Maintenance as well as new development for an HRIS system written in Classic ASP.Developed several unique feed systems utilizing .NET 2.0.  Mentored .NET to the dev team as well as several projects written in .NET 2.0.SQL Server 2005 along with SSRS for SQL 2003.

Jan 2005Sep 2005

Solutions Architect

Idea Integration
• Mercury Transaction Services (CO) Architected and produced a full Title and Escrow Knowledge Base system for internal and future external consumption. Designed with Web Services and many possible integration points for other internal and external systems. C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000
May 1984Dec 1996

Staff Sergeant

United States Marine Corps
  • Battalion Communications Chief/Staff Non-Commissioned Officer managing teams of 30+ Communication specialists on a regular basis and up to 300 Communication specialists as required.
  • Filled both the Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Commander Billets as required by circumstances.
  • Designed communication networks to support up to 12,000 Marines and other Armed Forces Networks.
  • Designed communication networks to support the east coast FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) communications needs in the event of a major catastrophe.
  • Designed multiple communication networks with our unit supporting up to 67 simultaneous networks.
  • Consistently delivered the highest ratings in our Battalion for Platoon training over the 4 years I was the Training NCO (as an additional duty). Designed an R:Base database to track all training for the Marines I was in charge of.


LINQ/Entity Framework
Experience on multiple projects using LINQ and Entity Frameworks. Also includes experience with code first and database first context generation.
The .NET library is so large I do not believe any one person can claim to be an expert in the whole range.  Every project has its quirks and I learn more with each quirk found.  I have a good solid grounding in design patterns, have built several projects utilizing 2 or more patterns at one time, can usually find ways to trim down 1,000 lines of code to 200 lines, thus simplifying and streamlining the application and making it easier to debug in the future.
SQL Server
Experienced with all versions of MS SQL Server back to 4.x.  SQL experience also includes moderate DBA work, heavy table design and tuning work as well as stored procedures, functions, user defined data types, and triggers.
Includes most areas of ASP.NET.  Webforms, data access, user management, security, AJAX, JQuery and MVC.


My interests are varied but chief among them is education of self.  I do not feel I am moving forward unless I am learning.  And while I am learning I gain the greater sense of seeing how much more there is to learn.  I do not like to stagnate, and explore life and subjects with great passion. 



Founding Member

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