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Khelifa Baizid

PhD, M.Sc, Eng, and Bachelor

  • (0033)783530035


An innovative and ambitious graduate with experience in Path Planning, Multi-Robot System, Mechanical Engineering, 3D/2D Design, Graphical Simulation and Virtual Reality, Research and Development, Computer Aided Design, industrial and other applications and knowledge of information engineering techniques. A good communicator and problem solver. Sound knowledge of various cultures and language skills including: English, French, Italian and Arabic

Work History



Mines Telecome Douai, France
  • Conducting researches on SUCRé project (
  • Developing applications and algorithms for autonomous control of multi-robot system
  • Performing experiments using real robots such as Turtlebot and Robulab
  • Inter robots s coordination and cooperation between robots and humans (fireman)
  • Writing scientific papers, project proposals and research reports
  • Providing courses in computer science at the Mines-Telecom Institute of Douai
Jan 2013Dec 2014

Research assistant

University of Cassino and Southern Lazio(UNICAS)

Research assistant: Conducting researches on ARCAS project( Developing applications and algorithms of autonomous control of Unmanned Vehicle System equipped with manipulator. Development of CAVIS platform: Control software Architecture for cooperative multiple unmanned aerial Vehicle-manIpulator Systems. Writing scientific papers, project proposals and research reports. Participating in international scientific research events.

Jan 2012Dec 2012


Brno University of Technology (BUT), Czech Republic

Postdoctoral: Conducting researches on SRS( and R3-Cop( projects. Developing applications and algorithms about autonomous navigation, path. planning and human-robot interaction. Participating in PhD students supervision. Writing scientific papers, project proposals and research reports.

Jan 2011Dec 2011


Italian Institute of Technology(IIT)

Fellowship: Conducting researches for Multi-Robots System group for surveillance. Developing simulation about industrial robotics. Developing applications and algorithms for multi-robots tasks(e.g., Rescue). Participating in supervision of PhD students. Installing equipment of laboratory. Writing scientific papers and research.

Sep 2007Dec 2007

3D/2D CAD Designer

Société de conception et réalisation de moules et des outillages industriels

3D/2D Designer: Performing design and analysis of industrial assemblies and parts, and generate 2D drafts. Performing 3D assemblies in industrial plant: Generating 2D draft of assemblies' components: Performing simulation techniques and testing using API: Managing CAD data exchange q Participating in trainings organized by the company, e.g. 3D design training using CATIA Software(INCAT FRANCE, Agence de Strasbourg)

Mar 2007Jul 2007

Assistant Teacher

National Institute Specialized in Professional Training (INSFP)

Assistant Teacher: Teaching undergraduate technician students in Computer Science course;  Co-ordinate and supervise technician students; Developing exercises and examinations

Mar 2007Jul 2007

Assistant Teacher

Private school CONDOC and ALCADWorks Company

Assistant Teacher: Giving CAD courses to undergraduate engineering Students and Employees; 3D parts and assemblies modeling of industrial products; 2D draft; Giving courses about informatics.


Jan 2008May 2011

PHD Doctorate

Italian Institute of Technology and University of Genova
  • The aim of this project is to integrate and develop the control schemes of heterogynous robots in the same tele-operation platform (ViRAT) [1] based on several concepts like: Information fusion, Co-operation, Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) and so on. The aim of this platform was to simplify the interaction between human and group of robots to achieve high level tasks in autonomous manner.
  • Performing research on concepts and methods.
  • Developing control schemes and individual capabilities for each robot’s type (actions, motions, head moving, vision, etc).
  • Developing common algorithms like: path planning, navigation, co-operation schemes, detections etc.
  • Designing a human robot interaction interface (tools, methods).
  • Developing simulation techniques and testing.
  • Attending scientific courses.
  • Reviewing research papers for international research events.
  • Participant in international scientific research events (IASTED RA2009, ICIRA 2009, Robio 2009, VRIC 2010, IASTED MS2010, IROS 2010).
Oct 2004Feb 2007

Magister degree (5+2)

Polytechnic Military School

Robotics and Industrial Computer Science, Mechanical Robotized System:

  • The aim was developing platform of industrial robotics simulation, named IRoSim, using SolidWorks’s API and Oriented Object Programming (Visual Basic) in order to simulate industrial tasks process of robotized cells.
  • Developing of the GUI design, robots and its environment
  • Developing algorithms and concepts of the platform (Modeling, Optimization of the task using stochastic methods etc.)
  • Performing the Spot Welding industrial task optimization
  • Performing practical courses of Strength of materials




Accepted for publications/Submitted

  • K. Baizid, G. Giglio, F. Pierri, M. A. Trujillo, G. Antonelli, F. Caccavale, A. Viguria, S. Chiaverini and A. Ollero, "Behavioral Coordinated Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Manipulator Systems: Simulations and Real Experiments," Autonomous Robots Journal Spring, (ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION).
  • K. Baizid, S. Cukovic, J. Iqbal, A. Yousnadj, R. Chellali, A. Meddahi, G. Devedzic, I. Ghionea, IRoSim: Industrial Robotics Simulation Design Planning and Optimization Platform based on CAD and Knowledgeware Technologies, Journal of Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing. (ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION).
  • K. Baizid, G. lozenguez, L. Febresse, N. Bouraqadi, "Cevtor Maps: Lighweight and Accurate Map Format for Multi-Robot System" 9th International Conference of Intelligent Robotics and Applications, 2016, (ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION).
  • J. Dichtl G. Lozenguez K. Baizid L. Fabresse N. Bouraqadi, "Towards Vector-Map-Based Multirobot Exploration", Reconnaissance  des Formes et  l'Intelligence Artificielle  (RFIA'16), (SUBMITED)